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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)
FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

Bug Hunt

Welcome to the bug-hunt contest!


Earn money finding bugs:

1. To find a bug, please search or browse our store,  add item(s) to cart,  and complete the checkout process.

2. You are hunting for problems that happen at any part of the process,  before, during or after checkout.

3.  The more bugs you find and report,  the more you earn.


 How to earn $10 for every bug:

1.  Use the feedback button on bottom right of every page to report a bug at any step of the buying process.

2. Report as many as you find, for best chance to earn $10 per bug!

3. Make sure to include your freelancer email address in the bug report.


What qualifies as a bug?

1. Something broken in the design or visual aspects of the website.

2. Something broken while adding a product to the cart, stopping you from adding it to the cart.

2. Something broken during checkout, stopping you from checking out.

3. Something broken after checkout, stopping you from viewing the thank-you page.


What about other bugs?

Technically there could be other bugs,  so report as many as you can find... you never know, we may just pay you for it!


How is payment sent?

We will pay via freelancer only,  so please make sure you are registered on and use your freelancer email address to report bugs.


What else should I know?

We suggest being very thorough when reporting your bug,  using the feedback tool to include a screenshot,  select page elements,  and type a full description of the problem.  This gives us the best chance to approve your bug and get you paid!




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