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Tekno RC Team Report Week 35-36, 2018

Tekno RC Team Report Week 35-36, 2018

Two more win filled weeks in USA and Malaysia with Tekno RC drivers winning in the 1/10th and 1/8th scale classes! Congratulations to Jim Carrigan, Samuel SovacoolClinton Riley, Lil Donnie Ward, Lucas Lazzari, Lou Colmo, John Bernard Jr and Jody Smith! Report from each race follows:

Dash for Cash Race (US), report by Jim Carrigan:

"It was a one day race and I ran 2 classes Pro4 ScT and Ebuggy. Some odd gremlins in Ebuggy kept me qualifying down in the B but found and fixed the issues. In Pro4 ScT I was able to qualify 2nd as the track just kept going away all day.  Pro4 was an awesome battle from the tone. I was able to take the lead and have a great finish with the #1 spot"

Overall results:

1st: Jim Carrigan - Tekno SCT410.3

2nd: Shawn Noe

3rd: Mike Forrest

MNRC Round 5 (US), report by Samuel Sovacool:

"This was a two day race at a new MNRC location. Throughout the course of the weekend, the track’s grip went up as it got more rutted and blown out. I used practice to find some fast lines around the track and get my cars tuned the way I wanted them. In the first qualifier, I finished first with Pro 4 and 11 in E-buggy. In the second qualifier, I finished first in Pro 4 and 8 in E-buggy. After the second qualifier I started to get the track and how to make my way through. In the third qualifier, I finished first in Pro 4 and fourth in E-buggy. My qualifying positions were first in Pro 4 and 8 in E-buggy as there were some faster times in the other qualifier, bumping me down a spot or two in E-buggy. Pro 4 went smoothly in the mains except when I rut-rolled putting me into second for a couple laps. I finished first in both of my Pro 4 mains. E-buggy went well as I clawed my way up to fourth in the first main and fifth in the second main. I finished fourth in E-buggy."

Overall results:

TQ/1st: Samuel Sovacool - Tekno SCT410.3

2nd: Brody Ignaszewki

3rd: Jesse Stewart

2018 Spec Shootout (US), report by Riley Clinton:

"I arrived at Delta R/C outdoor 1/10th scale track bright and early for setup so I was ready for practice when the track opened at 8am. The track wasn't ready at 8am as it was still very damp. I took that time to go over the layout on the stand until it was ready to be run on. After a couple of practice packs I decided to make a last second shock adjustment before qualifying started.

Qualifying was two rounds of Ifmar. There were about 5 guys including myself that were capable of TQ'ing the 13.5 4WD class. I would end up qualifying 5th in the A-main. The main was 7min of racing action with all 5 favorites racing hard until the end. When the finish tone went off it was my EB410 crossing the line for the victory."

Overall results:

1st: Riley Clinton - Tekno EB410

2nd: Dale Lumanian

3rd: Dominic Favorito

2018 Wicked Weekend (US), report by Lil Donnie Ward:

"Donnie and I made the trip to Wicked Weekend. Practice went very smooth while working with the team on setups. Qualifying seemed to move fast as we were trying to pick the perfect AKA tire! When the dust cleared we were sitting 4th for the main. With double A mains ahead of us, we would take the lead on the first lap and crash on the last lap to finish 4th - John took the win over Joey. During the 2nd main, we took the lead early and only beat John’s time by .6 of a second to get the overall win."

Overall results:

1st: Lil Donnie Ward - Tekno ET48.3

2nd: John Bernard Jr - Tekno ET48.3

3rd: Joey Bourdon

Thunder In The Bay Car Show Invitational (US), report by Rich Lazzari:

"Thunder in the Bay is a car show here in the city. They invite our club down to do a race weekend on the pavement during the show once a year. Lucas designed the track the last two years. We all put on old tires and have some fun. Jumps and all. Lucas TQed and won with his SC410.3"

Overall results:

TQ/1st: Lucas Lazzari - Adam Ceci

2nd: Bobby Kruk

3rd: Adam Ceci

Midwest Hationals Round 4 (US), report by Lou Colmo:

"5th race of a 6 round series, NextLevel is a motocross style track built in the side of a hill with a 30 foot elevation change from top to bottom."

Overall results:

1st: Lou Colmo - Tekno ET48.3

2nd: Matt Roth

3rd: Rodger Lowery

SBS Major League (MY), report by Jade Lim:

"We arrived at the track on Sunday and had 5 minutes of free practice, then straight into 3 rounds of qualifying. I qualified in second place for the final starting grid. In A1 I had a great battle with the leader and after he made a mistake I was able overtake the lead.  After A1 the weather changed and we had a huge amount of rain that canceled the other two finals."

Overall results:

1st: Jade Lim - Tekno EB410

2nd: Bashir

3rd: Mizan

Minnesota State Off-road Championships (US), report by Lucas Lazzari:

"What a great race weekend. Track was awesome. This was Lake Superior r/c car club of Duluth's “Minnesota State off-road championship” We had some hard rain on Thursday night and Friday practice was closed. Saturday morning everything was good to go. They had 3 rounds of qualifying. Ended up with TQ in Pro4 and 1/8 ebuggy. With the chance of rain for late Sunday they decided to do the first round of three mains on Saturday night. I got the first ebuggy win that night. Sunday I backed it up with a win in ebuggy A2. And won the Pro4 A2 and A3 mains! Thanks too all for the good times."

Overall results:

4x4 Short Course:

TQ/1st: Lucas Lazzari - Tekno SCT410.3

2nd: Mike Compton

3rd: Ross Judnick

Electric Buggy:

TQ/1st: Lucas Lazzari - Tekno EB48.4

2nd: Joe Scaramell

3rd: Ross Judnick

Georgia State Off-road Championship (US), report by John Bernard Jr.:

"Another great event at Phil Hurd Raceway. This would be a 2-day event with practice on Friday. I would arrive late Friday but was able to try each car at least a couple of times before racing started Saturday morning. It was a tight winding layout that would keep the racing close and make passing tricky.

The grip went from medium Saturday morning to very high by the afternoon. This made setup and tire choice very important. After 3 rounds of qualifying, I would end up P2 in the 10-minute 4wd buggy A-main. The 4wd A-main was early Sunday and the grip was still high so I ran the same setup from the last qualifier. The leader had a break on lap 1 that created a small pile-up in a major jump section. Fortunately, I only lost a couple of positions. I was able to move into the lead on the following lap and hold on for the win."

Overall results:

1st: John Bernard Jr - Tekno EB410

2nd: Shon Harding

3rd: Chris Thomas

The Wicked Weekend 2018 (US), report by Jody Smith:

"2018 Wicked Weekend is over and what an awesome track layout thanks to RC Track Masters. On practice day I chose to do the late session to have more of a feel of the surface for qualifying the next night. Practice went great and started qualifying with all my Tekno cars feeling good. Had some good runs in Open Nitro Truggy and Open E-Buggy but a rough start in Open Nitro Buggy due to a carb problem. After all 3 rounds of qualifying I would start TQ in E-Buggy, 3rd in Nitro Truggy and 3rd in the B-Main in Nitro Buggy. Unfortunately, I didn't get the bump in Nitro Buggy but had a good run. After 30 min in Truggy I would finish 4th in the main. In E-Buggy, due to double A-Mains, I was able to recover from a terrible start A1 but in the A2 I would lead from start to finish and would win the overall in Open E-Buggy."

Overall results:

TQ/1st: Jody Smith - Tekno EB48.4

2nd: Cole Cabre

3rd: Cameron Saxon

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