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Tekno RC Team Report Week 12-13, 2019

Tekno RC Team Report Week 12-13, 2019

Two more very successful weeks with wins in USA and China as Tekno RC Team drivers James CarriganJamie Spurgin, Aaron Royston, Samuel Sovacool, Travis Jones, Mark Fosberg, William Lyddane, John Bernard Jr, Derrick Harris, and Jonathan Yeung were able to win the races they attended. More information below:

2019 SIGP Offroad International Championship (CN), report by Jonathan Yeung:

"The race was from 22 Mar to 24 Mar and I raced two classes. This time it was not only Asia racers who attended the race, world-class racers such as Ryan Lutz, Billy Easton, Jorn Neumann, Wataru, and JQ also attended. I was able to TQ of Q1 in Electric Buggy among several top racers. After 4 rounds of qualifying, I ranked third overall for the A-Main final, behind Ryan Lutz and Jorn Neumann. In the Nitro Buggy class, I qualified for the even semifinal in the fifth position and successfully won a seat for the main final with a 9th place starting position.

Unfortunately, rain started after qualifying and delayed and compressed the schedule for the finals. This made it difficult for me to change my setups to fit the muddy conditions. In the E-Buggy class, my car was hard to drive and I was not able to do consistent fast laps like qualifying. In the Nitro Buggy class, the race directors allocated time to make setup changes for muddy conditions. The result was positive and I entered A-Main final prepared. At the end of the 45min main final, I was the All Chinese Champion."

Overall results:

1st: Jonathan Yeung - Tekno NB48.4

2nd: Sheng Wan Wang

3rd: Wei Ping Hu

The Leprechaun Trap Race (US), report by Samuel Sovacool:

"This was a great finisher to the points series at 510 Raceway. In the first qualifier, I struggled in Mod 4wd, finishing fourth place but took first place in the first qualifier with my Pro 4. I made some changes for the second qualifier and was able to get second in Mod 4wd and first in Pro 4. Both of my cars felt better in the second qualifier, so I kept my setups the same. Going into the mains, I was qualified for third in Mod 4 and first in Pro 4. In the mains, I was able to take first place in both of my classes. I had some amazing racing in the Mod 4wd class and a fast main in Pro 4."

Overall results:

1/10th 4wd Buggy:

1st: Samuel Sovacool - Tekno EB410

2nd: Clayton Cartalucca

3rd: Zachary Vandalen- Tekno EB410

4x4 Short Course:

TQ/1st: Samuel Sovacool - Tekno SCT410.3

2nd: Ben Sovacool - Tekno SCT410.3

3rd: Jordan Kortan

Shaws Red River Shootout Series Round 2 (US), report  by Aaron Royston:

"This was one of those flawless races we all love, TQ'd all rounds of all 3 classes, then took the win in all 3 classes. The track changed drastically through the day, starting out fairly smooth but incredibly dusty....ending up very rutted with much more traction as the moisture came up after the sunset."

Overall results:

1:10 Electric Truggy:

TQ/1st: Aaron Royston - Tekno ET410

2nd: Jim Brown- Tekno ET410

3rd: Kevin Bridges- Tekno ET410

Nitro Truggy:

TQ/1st: Aaron Royston - Tekno NT48.3

2nd: Mike Russ

3rd: Eddie Doggett

Nitro Buggy:

TQ/1st: Aaron Royston - Tekno NB48.4

2nd: Francis Sosing

3rd: Mike Russ

March Mayhem (US), report by Travis Jones:

"This past weekend I went to SCRC for their March Mayhem race. I had a great time, John put on a great show with their biggest race yet. So awesome to see a new track growing so fast! If you haven’t been you need to go check them out! Lights, covered pitting area with power, heated pitting area and so much more. I ended up just running two classes E-Buggy and Nitro Truggy.
In qualifying my buggy felt great. I TQ'd the first two rounds and just kept getting faster. The final round of qualifying I ended up making a major mistake taking me off that 12 lap pace and lost TQ and ended up 3rd overall for the A-main. But, was very happy with my EB48.4 it was faster than I can handle and that’s always a good problem to have. In the main, I was somehow able to get to the front by the 2nd or 3rd lap. Then Jesse Bean and I checked out! Wish I had my Go Pro on for this one, we were flying! He had some trouble I think on the back and I was able to get some room and then I was able to lay down a pretty solid run. Had a huge mistake with about 2 mins left costing me 5 seconds… Lucky I was able to lay down another 5 solid laps to get the win with a decent lead."

Overall results:

1st: Travis Jones - Tekno EB48.4

2nd: Donald Elliot

3rd: Jesse Bean

Supercross Showdown (US), report by Mark Fosberg:

"On Sunday I attended the mod day of the Supercross Showdown at RC Excitement in Fitchburg, MA. I entered into 4wd Mod Buggy, 4wd SCT, 1/10th Truggy, and 2wd Mod Buggy. With a light turnout for SCT and Truggy, I would focus more on both the buggy classes. My mains could have gone a little better but I'm satisfied with my results putting all my cars in the A-mains. I was able to TQ and win 4wd SCT, place 2nd in truggy, 5th in the 4wd buggy."

Overall results:

TQ/1st: Mark Fosberg - Tekno SCT410.3

2nd: Alex Chotkowski

3rd: Carl Miller

Leisure Hours Raceway Last Race (US), report by James Carrigan:

"This Landmark of the Midwest is closing, I moved back in 2012 from Vegas and this was my new home. Over the years the friendships and competitive races I will never forget. From the bad ones that make me better to the great ones that keep me humbled. I was set on a great day of racing, laughing and making sure to keep in touch as we all are now “RC Gypsies”. It was rocket round qualifying and single A-Main. I competed in Pro4 wheeler and SCT. In Wheeler I was able to secure the TQ AND WIN and with some shenanigans going on with #2 it would make the closest finish .016!! Nail bitter.
In Pro4 SCT it was very tight and I was able to set on P4 with only 1 qual. From the tone is was a battle! As a few laps got under way I was battling with 2, 3 and we let 1 get a fluffy lead. I had a mistake and let 2 get away. I put my head down and turned some good laps. With a last few lap battle to final lap with a clean pass and the buzzer hiting half way through the lap, 3 wide going into the triple it came down to a photo finish of .108! Battled 2 spots for the 2 step... what an awesome last race at this location."

Overall results:

TQ/1st: James Carrigan - Tekno EB410

2nd: Mike (Nate) Lyday

3rd: Clinton Sutton - Tekno EB410

RC3 season opener (US), report by Jamie Sourgin:

"This weekend I attended the huge season opener at RC3! Crazy huge turnout with 175+ entries, classes were deep and the racing was fast. I ran Pro E-Buggy and Mini Truggy. There were 2 full heats of Mini Truggy, I managed to Tq and take the win from tone to tone. The truck is super dialed.
In E-Buggy I struggled in qualifying. Made some changes and won the B-Main ended up 3rd in the A-Main. With an E-Buggy class that went all the way to an E-Main. I was very proud of my cars all day!"

Overall results:

TQ/1st: Jamie Spurgin - Tekno ET410

2nd: Jonathan Adams - Tekno ET410

3rd: Mitch Arnold - Tekno ET410

Spring Points Race (US), report by William Lyddane:

"Adrenaline RC Raceway points race #2 quick recap:
Spent the day hanging out with the RC fam and was able to finally pit outside. Thanks to Donnie Ward for the powa to charge my batteries all day. I raced 10th Buggy, 8th Buggy and shared a Truggy my pal and teammate Josh LS Lyall. In little Buggy, some bad tire choices lost me the TQ to fellow aka teammate Joe Fiocca, but now we know what tires won't work lol. Come mains it was a horrible start that saw every single car tangled up in the first jump landing. I was able to get clear of the chaos In front of Joe and held onto #1 till the end. (P.s. Typos are the way to go....)"

Overall results:

1st: William Lyddane - Tekno EB410

2nd: Joe Fiocca

3rd: Twan Twan

Clash of Clubs - Round 4 (US), report by John Bernard Jr:

"This was a one day event for the fourth round of the Clash of Club series. We arrived just in time to run my SCT410, EB48.4, and ET48.3 one time each before qualifying started. The layout was quite fun with lots of line choices and big air options.

There were two rounds of qualifying using qual points. All 3 Tekno's felt amazing and I was able to TQ all 3 classes heading into the double A-Mains. After 48 minutes of electric A-Mains, I was able to take the overall win in all 3 classes."

Overall results:


Electric Buggy:

TQ/1st: John Bernard Jr - EB48.4

2nd: Blake Thornhill

3rd: Brian Peterson

Electric Truggy:

TQ/1st: John Bernard Jr - ET48.3

2nd: Blake Thornhill

3rd: Allen Krier - ET48.3

4x4 Short Course:

TQ/1st: John Bernard Jr - SCT410.3

2nd: Justin Kinsey

3rd: Corbin Ethridge

S&B RC Speedway Season Opener (US), report by Derrick Harris:

"I traveled to Piedmont, SC to S&B Speedway for their season opener. I decided to bring the entire fleet and ran E-Buggy, E-Truggy, and SCT. Practice was on a wet/tacky track due to the rain earlier in the week, so I focused on SCT since this was my first race with it in about 2 years. As qualifying came around, all the vehicles felt great, so I stuck to clays on the Truggy and Buggy and M4 tires on the SCT. After 2 rounds of quals, I would start TQ in E-Truggy, 2nd in SCT, and 6th in E-Buggy.

SCT was up first and due to system issues, we’d end up running double mains. In A1, I took the lead for about half the race before making a few mistakes and finishing 2nd. In A2, I took the lead after 4 laps and lead the remainder of the race. I would win the tiebreaker and take the win in SCT on the same M4 Holeshots from practice."

Overall results:

1st: Derrick Harris - Tekno SCT410.3

2nd: Sean Salter - Tekno SCT410.3

3rd: Chandler Rice

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