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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

NB48 2.0 Behind the Design – Part One – Introduction

NB48 2.0 Behind the Design - Part One - Introduction


You’ve probably heard that we’re working on a new 1/8th scale nitro buggy and you might have seen it being tested by our top drivers at the largest races around the world. We’ve been eager to share all of the details and release info, and now is the time!

We’re excited to reveal the first vehicle based on a completely new 1/8th scale platform, the Tekno RC NB48 2.0 1/8th 4WD Competition Nitro Buggy.  This new platform includes so many changes, simply calling it a .5 is not enough. It’s a ground-up original design where almost everything has been rethought, re-engineered and retooled.

Tekno RC’s Jared Tebo piloting his NB48 2.0

Our .4 vehicles have been widely regarded as some of the best vehicles in the industry and we knew developing their successors was going to be a long, difficult and costly process. After over a full year of on-track testing and many, many revisions, we have created a vehicle that maintains the quality, durability, and fit-and-finish we’re known for while dramatically improving its consistency and handling. At first glance, you might only notice a few of the larger design changes, but when viewed side-by-side, you will notice that there are many small, one or two millimeter changes that add up to a significantly improved driving experience.


Joe Bornhorst putting his NB48 2.0 through its paces

Almost no expense was spared in producing the best product possible. This has been a very long and involved project and we hope you will be impressed. We appreciate our customers and team members who have patiently waited while we meticulously developed and thoroughly tested the new platform. It’s not easy to wait for something that is this much better and more fun to drive. The wait is almost over and we believe you will agree it was worth it.


NB48 2.0 Prototype cars have been tested under all conditions and track surfaces!

Each week, for the next two weeks, we will release a new article detailing the changes and thought processes that went into developing the new platform. The next article will focus on specific features that are unique to the vehicle. The last article will be a full reveal of the chassis layout and further info on what will set this buggy apart from the rest.  In the meantime, we would like to whet your appetite with a general listing of the key features below. 


  • 3mm CNC 7075 Aluminum Hard Anodized Lightened Chassis
  • Independent Servo Mounts w/ Decoupled Battery and Radio Boxes
  • CNC 7075 Shock Towers, Pivot Blocks, and Motor Mounts
  • 16mm Bore Fluid Filled Shocks with CNC Delrin Pistons and Guides
  • Double-Bearing Center Differential w/ Split Differential Mount
  • Rear Hub and Arm Insert System w/ Adjustable Roll Center and Toe
  • 3 Fluid Filled Easy Access Differentials
  • Long Arm, Narrow Pivot Suspension Geometry
  • 1-Piece Wing Mount and Ultra-Lightweight Wing
  • 2nd Generation Quick Fueling Body
  • Proven Tekno RC Durability
  • All Metric Hardware


NB48 2.0 will put a smile on your face!

We’re excited to show you the new Tekno RC NB48 2.0 1/8th 4WD Nitro Buggy and we think you will be impressed. Kits will be available for preorder Tuesday, September 10th and shipping to customers, dealers, and distributors before the end of September.

Please join us in the Tekno RC Owners Group where we will be happy to answer questions regarding the NB48 2.0 as well as any of our other vehicles or products. We will only be answering questions relating to the most recent NB48 2.0 article as we don’t want to give away any surprises until all articles are released.

Photos courtesy of LiveRC, CircusRC, and ModellismoRC

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