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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

Tamiya Upcoming Releases September 2020

R/C Models
 44054  1/10 Glow-Engine R/C Raikiri GT (TG10-Mk.2FZ Chassis 2020)
 51660  1/10 Scale R/C Formula E GEN2 Car – Championship Livery Body Parts Set
 42357  Cross Joints for Low Friction Assembly Universal Shafts
 47450  Lunch Box Mini Wheels (Black, 4pcs.)
 54957  TC-01 Aluminum Steering Bridge
 54958  TC-01 Aluminum Steering Arms (L/R)
 54964  On Road Racing Truck Wheels (F&R/2pcs. each) (White)
 54965  TT-02 Type-S Aluminum Steering Set (Long Tie-Rod)
 54967  TT-02 Type-S Steel Adjustable Suspension Mount (Rear)
 54975  TC-01 Universal Propeller Shaft (1 Set)

Static Models
 12689  1/35 U.S. 10-in-1 Ration Cartons (WWII)

Mini 4WD
 95571  Exflowly Polycarbonate Body Special (Purple) (MS)
 95572  Rayvolf Polycarbonate Body Special (Light Blue) (MS)
 95573  Shooting Proud Star Clear Blue Special (MA)
 95140  Low Friction Small Dia. Low Profile Tire (Maroon, 2pcs.) Japan Cup 2020
 95577  13mm Aluminum Ball-Race Rollers (Ringless/Red)
 95583  HG 19mm Tapered Aluminum Ball-Race Rollers (Ringless/Gold)
 95594  Mini 4WD HG Maintenance Base (180x210mm) Dark Red
 95616  Kumamoto Mini 4WD (Supporting Kumamon Version) Pastel Blue Chassis

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