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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

Applications using the tool parts of Tamiya

★ Ladder chain four-wheel-drive vehicle


Using a ladder chain is the work of the four-wheel drive to convey the power. Reversible structure that can be run even if tipped over wearing the big tire. Of course, it is high off-road trip of four-wheel drive unique.

[Used parts]
★ off-road tire set (70096) × 2
★ ladder chain & sprocket (70142) × 1
★ AAA battery box (with a single × 2 · reverse switch) (70152) × 1
★ universal arm set ( Orange) (70183) × 1
★ mini motor standard gear box (8-speed) (70188) × 1

★ Flywheel power Mammoth dump


A combination of the power unit impetus to wild mini four-wheel drive, converted into eco-friendly machines that do not use the battery. In powerful style, and then traveling to the powerful. (Two-wheel drive)

[Used parts]
★ Mammoth dump (17013) × 1
★ Universal plate set (70098) × 1
★ flywheel power unit (70222) × 1

★ Solar Purupu Ru


It is work that proceeds as the energy generated by the solar panels slide in place of the vibration. You can change the direction in which the speed and advance it by adjusting the degree of curve of the foot.

[Used parts]
★ pulley (S) set (70140) × 1
★ transparent soft plastic material 3mm round bar (5 pieces) (70159) × 1
★ solar panel-500MA 1.5V (76010) × 1
★ solar motor 03 ( 76011) × 1

★ Remote control robot (arm crawler type)


The underbody of the remote control robot production set is ROBOT was up the off-road instead of the arm crawler. Grasp the mono in the robot hand, and off-road on a bad road while rotating the left and right arm crawler.

[Used parts]
★ remote control robot production set (crawler type) (70170) × 1
★ arm crawler tool set (70211) × 1

More construction details here

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