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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

XRAY NT1 1/10 Nitro Touring Car

From XRAY:
2019 All-new Features.

  • All-new chassis integrates with the new rear bulkheads, rear arms mounts, and front brace for a wide range of flex adjustments to tune for any traction level
  • All-new rear bulkheads with flex adjustment for quick set up changes for various traction conditions
  • All-new steel spacers connect the chassis to the rear bulkheads for high traction to increase steering and rotation
  • Rear suspension now includes arm mounts with square adjustment bushings for the lower hinge pins that expand the range of adjustment for rear arm geometry
  • Front and rear bulkheads redesigned to work with new composite anti-roll bar bushings to extend the life of the bulkheads and eliminate unwanted play
  • All-new anti-roll bar adaptors with less play
  • All-new front anti-roll bar system redesigned for easier adjustment
  • All-new front and rear anti-roll bar wires
  • All-new front brace mounts directly to the chassis plate


The all-new chassis works together with the new rear bulkheads, rear arm mounts, and front brace to create the flex adjustments to easily tune for varying traction levels or change handling dynamics. The chassis plate features a larger rear window for improved flex characteristics, and a revised mounting location for the front brace to simply installation and maintenance.

The lightweight chassis is CNC-machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum, strategically machined in low-stress areas to make it as light as possible without adversely affecting strength or rigidity.

Front Chassis Flex Adjustment.

The updated front brace now mounts directly to the chassis plate, separate from the servo saver, for easier installation.

Using the aluminum brace increases steering response and cornering speed; without the aluminum brace, the car is easier to drive and has more forward traction.

Rear Flex Adjustment.

The NT1 features a new rear flex adjustment. The chassis and rear bulkheads were redesigned in the way that allows two different flex settings that help to adapt the car to different tracks and traction conditions. There are two options to choose from:

SOFT – Steel spacers are not used. The rear bulkhead extensions are not connected to the chassis, allowing more flex to generate more rear grip. Recommended for tracks with lower traction levels.

HARD – Steel spacers installed. The rear bulkhead extensions are connected to the chassis using the spacers inserted between them. By increasing rear chassis stiffness, this setting decreases the rear grip but increases off power steering and rotation in the corners. Recommended for tracks with higher traction.

Rear Suspension Multi-flex™ Technology.

The all-new rear suspension design features Multi-Flex™ quick adjustment to easily adapt the handling of the car to track conditions and tire options. There are three different flex characteristic choices.


Steel spacers and bracket bushings are removed. This allows maximum flex of the rear suspension and generates maximum rear traction. Recommended for low-traction tracks, or spec tire races that require larger diameter or harder handout tires.


Steel spacers are installed between the rear bulkheads and the chassis plates, but the bracket bushings are removed. This reduces the flex of the rear suspension and improves out-of-corner steering and rotation of the car, but also slightly decreases rear traction. Recommended for medium-traction tracks, or races allowing softer spec tires.


Steel spacers and bracket bushings are installed. This connects the entire rear suspension together, creating a stiff framework that creates more rotation and improves corner exit steering. Recommended for high-traction tracks, or when tires with additive are used.


The all-new aluminum rear bulkheads have been completely redesigned to integrate with the new flex adjustement system. The bulkheads extend forward under the 2-speed shaft with a 0.5mm space between the chassis and bulkheads.

Both front and rear bulkheads were redesigned to fit the new anti roll bar composite bushing which extends the life of the bulkheads.

The clamps hold the rear shock tower as well as the graphite roll-center bridge. For an extra roll-center adjustment, the graphite roll-center bridge can be removed and the rear linkage mounted directly to the upper clamps to improve cornering speed and steering in very high-traction conditions.

The super-lightweight clamps have a very clean and lightweight design to create the lowest weight and CG, and still allow for easy access to the driveline for maintenance.

Rear Arm Mounts.

All-new rear arm mounts were redesigned to use the square composite bushings from the T4 and XB4 cars. The square eccentric bushings retain the vertical adjustment of the inner hinge pins from the previous NT1’s, but add the ability to adjust the pin width to expand the roll center and geometry adjustments available for the rear suspension.

The outside position of the square insert places the rear arms at the same width as it was on the previous NT1s.

The new inner position choices narrow the pin locations to help generate more rear traction and improve stability.

The narrow positions are recommended on low-medium traction tracks as it helps to improve rear traction and stability of the car on-power. Wider positions are recommended to use on high tractions tracks as the car has better rotation and off power steering.

Front Wire Anti-roll Bar.

All-new front wire anti-roll bar was redesigned for easier installation, smoother operation and minimal play. The composite bushing for the ball bearings eliminate vibration and slop between the parts, eliminating bulkhead wear and improving bar operation.

The arm-to-bar linkage length is quickly adjustable while installed on the vehicle using only an allen driver…quick & easy.

A 2.0mm front anti-roll bar wire is included with several options bars available to tune steering response and stability.

The NT1 still includes both wire & blade-style front anti-roll bars for freedom of choice based on track conditions.

Rear Anti-roll Bar.

Like the front wire bar, the new rear wire anti-roll bar was redesigned with to work with the new bar collars and composite bearing inserts to reduce slop and improve operation.

Rear anti-roll bar height is adjustable via a screw…quick & easy.

The kit includes a 2.0mm wire rear anti-roll bar. The thickness of each anti-roll bar is laser-engraved for easy identification. Anti-roll bar wires of different thickness are optionally available for fine-tuning.
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XRAY NT1 1/10 Nitro Touring Car XRAY NT1 1/10 Nitro Touring Car XRAY NT1 1/10 Nitro Touring Car XRAY NT1 1/10 Nitro Touring Car XRAY NT1 1/10 Nitro Touring Car

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