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We’re getting closer! Revised Ultimate Truck Champs rules inside.

Well, our first ever Ultimate Truck Championship is going to be here before you know it. We have been working closely with the guys from RC Excitement on various things and it’s looking like we are going to have a very fun event. I can’t wait to see how my project Toyota Tundra does during the event. I’m sure I’ll find some things on the truck that I’ll have to teak before the next event. It’s a work in progress. Speaking of that, I have a light bar on the way for it this weekend that will really enhance the look of the truck. I designed it to accept a light strip from Sunshine Systems and Ed from STL Customs is making it as I write this blog. For the 1.9 class I’m bringing my stock Axial SCX10 RTR. We have made some slight tweaks to the rules and I have included them here so you can see them and make some adjustments if you plan on joining us for the event.


Ultimate Truck Championship



1.9 Street

> Up to 1.9-inch rims

> Maximum 5.75 inch tire diameter

> No dig transmissions

> 2-wheel steering only

> Single-speed transmission

> Shaft-driven drivetrain required

> Scale body or scale tuber (must resemble 1.1)

> 13-inch max wheelbase

> Single ESC and motor

> Chassis mounted battery

> No twin vertical plate chassis (i.e. comp-style)

> 2-cell LiPo and 7-cell NiMH battery limit


2.2 Unlimited

> Up to 2.2-inch rims

> Custom cut tires allowed

> Dig transmissions allowed

> 4-wheel steering allowed

> Multiple-speed transmission

> Scale body or scale tuber (must resemble 1.1)

> No maximum wheelbase

> Chassis mounted battery

> Single ESC and motor



Tough Truck Portion

> Obstacle course

> Frame Twister (rocks, logs, mud)

> Sled pull


Speed portion

> Long jump (“clean” landing required)

> Slalom (timed)

> Hill climb (time or distance achieved)


Skills portion*

> Tire change (spare set or front to rear or side to side swap)

> Teeter totter

> Vehicle Recovery (Up right another vehicle using winch or strap)

*all timed events


Best of Show Competition

> Scale appearance competition (before start or events)



> Vehicles must run all events in the same configuration! No tire or other component swaps or additions other than for repairs!

> Pull strap or winch recommended
> Unlimited motor turns or Kv

> Winners will be determined by lowest combined time of all events. 

> Best of show will be participant judged, and will be done at the beginning of the event. Each participant will be issued a card with their name and vehicle number(s) on it and they will pick a best of show by submitting a number other than one of their own.

> On non-timed events such as long jump, first place with the longest jump will receive a score on 1, second place will receive a score of 1.5, third place will receive a score 2 and so on.


> Hitting any boundary or checkpoint marker is a one minute (+1) time penalty.
> Winching can only be done to fixed points or by using pull pals. The driver cannot be a winch point.
> HoG (Hand of God) Recovery Penalty - If a flipped vehicle cannot be righted under its own power or via its winch, the judge can right the vehicle back on all fours without moving it forward (this cannot be used to obtain forward progress)This is a three minute (+3) time penalty.
> HoG Advancement Penalty - If a stuck vehicle cannot be righted under its own power or via its winch, the judge can relocate it so that they front tires are at the next check point. This is a five minute (+5) time penalty.

> Max time for each event will be determined.


*Rules also apply to Frame Twister and slalom events (no winching on slalom).



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