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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

Traxxas Now Has ALL the Tools

We looked at Traxxas #3415 ratcheting tool set way back in November (video review here), and it’s a nice economy tool set. Traxxas has followed up with a three new premium-grade tool sets, each featuring 1/4-inch “Speed Bits” that fit into a magnetic, reinforced plastic handle with a rubber over-mold for extra grip. And as many of you are probably already thinking, you can also use the bits in your favorite power driver. Traxxas also sells the bits separately–see item numbers and pricing below.

I spent the weekend spinning the drivers, and they’re nice tools. Good feel, good fit. The Velcro-secured case makes portability easy, but for home wrenching I just keep all the bits in a holder I made from a block of wood. The case is definitely handy when I hit the trail though–the whole thing slips into a cargo-short pocket no problem.

Each tool set comes in a fabric carrying case with a net pocket for any extra bits you might want to add to the kit.

When closed, each kit measures 8 x 4 in., and can be given an extra fold to squeeze down to 8 x 3 in. The “essentials” kit shown here weighs just over 8.5 oz., so it’s not a workout to carry along on the trail.


All of the sets include the “medium” size handle. The rubber over-molding on top of the hard plastic handle contributes a nice grippy feel, but the tool is still easy to rotate in your palm when wrenching. I have some screwdrivers from other brands with full over-molds, and they’re a little too grippy. Traxxas gets it just right.


Each bit is labeled with its size (of course), and the bit style is illustrated to show a straight hex or ball-type.


There are three sets. I suspect this one, the #8712 “essentials” set, will be the best seller. It includes the most-used hex sizes, plus nut drivers up to 8mm.


The #8711 “master set” has all the hex sizes in both straight and ball sizes.


Just need nut drivers? Get the #8719 kit.


If you want a fatter handle for more torque, get the #8720 “large” handle (top), sold separately. You can also get the #8722 “medium” handle separately so you don’t have to swap bits as frequently.


Traxxas also sells the Speed Bit hex drivers and nut drivers by themselves to equip your favorite power driver. All the item numbers and suggested selling prices are listed below (your local dealer may have the tools for less than you see here, FYI).

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