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Track Talk: What the Heck is Everyone Talking About?

Going to a race for the first time can be confusing. Are these guys talking a whole new language or what? Sometimes you don’t even have to be the new guy (that’s newb or noob, depending on the person) to be out of the lingo loop. If you’ve been running nitro for years, all the electric slang might get you scratching your head. Even going to a different region might have you wondering what the heck everyone is talking about at the track. Here’s your cheat sheet to some of the common track smack. Some of it’s basic, but some might even be new to you experts (OG racers).

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50-percenter: A driver whose sponsorship deal allows him to buy products from his sponsor at 50-percent off.

BQ: Top qualifier of the B-main.

Back marker: Lapped traffic or last place.

Bump up: Racing format that bumps winner (and sometimes as many as three) drivers from a lower main up to the next higher main.

Butter: A car that is set up exceptionally well and looks and/or sounds smooth.

Cased: Landing a jump wrong and usually crashing. “I cased that jump.”

Checked out: A huge lead. “Tom got the hole shot and just checked out.”

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Dialed: A car that is set up perfectly.

Downside: The landing side of a double or triple jump.

Dumped: Used when the batteries run out of power before the race is over.

Hack: Someone who intentionally hits other drivers.

Hacked: Hit intentionally or otherwise. “I was hacked right front the start.”

Hardware: A trophy.

hole shot, junk, loop, marshal, moving chicane

Hole shot: Getting a great start and jumping out in front of the competition when the race initially starts.

Junk: A vehicle that handles poorly.

Loop: The wire for the lap counting machine. Also the start/finish line.

Marshal: Short for corner marshal; someone who is flipping cars over during a race.

Moving chicane: Slower driver who is all over the track and hard to pass.

Newb: A newcomer who is trying to learn.

Noob: Someone who never learns.

Off the trailer: Racing without practice and a proper setup.

OG: Short for “original gangster.” Used to describe anything old or experienced.

On Pace: Going as fast as the top drivers.

Personal: Short for personal transponder.

Pit B*#ch: Someone serving to refuel a racer during a race. “Tom’s going to be my pit b*#ch.”

Pit Mom: Someone who makes sure you make your qualifiers, have something to eat, etc.  Acts kind of like a team manager, but isn’t officially.

Podium spot: Top three finishing position.

Punched: Running full throttle.

Sandbagging: Intentionally going slow or not at your best performance. Usually done to get in a lower main as to win that instead of finishing poorly in an upper and more competitive main.

Slimy: A wet track condition before traction increases.

TQ: Top Qualifier for the A-main.

Wooded: Running full throttle.

Wrench: A racer’s personal mechanic. “Tom’s a great racer, but his dad’s the wrench.”

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