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The Yet-Another-Nationals Nationals

I don’t get worked up about too much in RC. Why would I or anyone else? It’s a fun hobby. That said, there is one topic that makes me want to, well, scream. OK, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch. There’s one topic in RC that makes me roll my eyes and shake my head. And, that’s the nationals of the week. The number of “national” events doesn’t bother me. It’s the events dubbed nationals that are in no way national events. Here’s the deal: if you have a regional descriptor in the title of the race, you can’t also have the word national. It just doesn’t work–or make any sense. So, I have officially made that practice against the rules. You can have the Indoor Off-road Nationals, the Outdoor Off-road Nationals, the Winter Nationals and the Summer Nationals, but you can’t have the Northeast Nationals or the Southwest Nationals. Call it a championship, a showdown, an invitational, a classic, a challenge or a shootout, but please do not call your clearly regional event a national. By the way, you’re all invited to the In My Backyard Scale Rock Crawling Nationals held at my place this spring. With a little luck you could be crowned a national champion!

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