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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

Tekno RC EB48.4 1/8 4wd Electric Buggy Kit

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From Tekno RC:
The EB48 has been carving out its place as the top 1/8th scale electric buggy for many years now. Through its history, we have continually improved on every aspect of performance and durability. The progression from the EB48 to the EB48.3 evolved through many significant changes, industry firsts, and also hundreds of fine adjustments. With the introduction of the EB48.4, we have once again raised the bar and improved on nearly every aspect of the buggy. This time it took the form of many fine adjustments, but the leap in performance is our most significant yet.


  • Revised Steering Geometry and Ackermann Plate
  • Bearing Supported Spindle/Carrier Design
  • Revised Wide Rear Pivot Suspension Geometry
  • Ultra Efficient Drivetrain with New Universal Driveshafts
  • Revised Internal Gear Ratio for Improved Efficiency
  • CNC Aluminum 16mm Shocks with CNC Pistons and Guides
  • New CNC 7075 Aluminum Emulsion Bleeder Shock Caps
  • New LF (low frequency) Shock Springs
  • New Fighter Jet Inspired Body Design
  • Low Profile Multi-Adjustable Wing Mount System
  • Lightened Drivetrain and Suspension Components
  • Shares Many Parts with other Tekno RC Vehicles

TKR8000 – $549.99
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tekno-rc-eb48-4-1_8-4wd-electric-buggy-kit-8 tekno-rc-eb48-4-1_8-4wd-electric-buggy-kit-7 tekno-rc-eb48-4-1_8-4wd-electric-buggy-kit-4 tekno-rc-eb48-4-1_8-4wd-electric-buggy-kit-2 tekno-rc-eb48-4-1_8-4wd-electric-buggy-kit-1

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