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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

Team Orion Battery Protection Box

From Orion:

“Military Style” Steel Boxes

To help mitigate the risks caused by the use and storage of LiPo batteries, we now offer specially designed “Military style” steel boxes to store your LiPo batteries. The boxes are equipped with purposely fitted foam padding and rubber seals, the boxes protect the batteries from mechanical damage and are also air tight.

Thanks to our LiPo boxes, you can safely store your batteries, they are protected from external damage and your surroundings are protected from the batteries

Great Aspects

Easy Transport

The box can be easily carried thanks to a practical handle.

Easy Storage

If the box is stored in a shelf you can easily pull it from the small handle. The box is securely closed and can be locked.

Maximum Protection

The Battery Box is air tight thanks to high quality seals. The metal parts are protected with foam to avoid electrical contact.

The Different Sizes

ORI43040 – Battery Protection Box Small
ORI43041 – Battery Protection Box Medium
ORI43042 – Battery Protection Box Large

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