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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

Rally Car Racing: A Fresh Approach [VIDEO]

Off-road racing has had pretty much the same format for years. If you race electric, that usually means qualifying heats and a single or triple a-main format. Drivers position themselves on an elevated stand and drive a closed course in a timed process. However, a format that has been grabbing some attention is a form of rally racing where the course winds its way through terrain that twists and turns along with elevation changes and even a bridge and requires the driver to run along side and give chase in order to navigate while improvising. Realistically, this won’t replace our current off-road format, but it does bring in another form of athleticism and provides a totally unique experience that’s new and refreshing. This video is from 2013 and took place in Europe, although it may be misleading since it is labeled “Australia.” but it wasn’t the only case where the format was used, and this new way of racing has been showing some popularity around the world. Time to carb up? Check it out.

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