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Q&A With Oxidean Marine’s Bill Oxidean

While most of our RC-ing is done on terra firma, nothing says summer more than getting out to the lake or beach for some water splashing fun under the sun. While we’ve been cooped up in our homes over the past few months, we’ve been itching to get out and stretch our legs and do some driving in the great outdoors, over land and water.

When it comes to high-speed RC boats, there’s one name that consistently surfaces as the go to name in competitive RC water sports – that person is Bill Oxidean. If his name sound familiar, it’s because you know him through the incredible speedboats he makes under his brand name Oxidean Marine. We got a chance to catch up with Oxidean to find out more about his boats, company and what makes him love the RC boating hobby.

RCCA: What does Oxidean Marine specialize in?
BO: Oxidean Marine specializes in the world’s Fastest, highest quality Ready to Run RC boats on the planet, as well as parts, accessories, power systems, and gear.

RCCA:How and when did you come to start Oxidean Marine?
BO: We started the concept of Oxidean Marine in late 2017, but it didn’t truly get organized until late 2018. This has been planned for many years.

RCCA: What types of RC do you enjoy the most?
BO: I enjoy RC boats of all types almost equally! I get almost just as big of thrill from our smallest boats, as our larger ones, but there’s something about an RC boat doing 100+ MPH that is in a class of fun of its own.

RCCA: Which is your favorite RC vehicle and why?
BO: My favorite RC boat is the Animal Twin cat hands down. The whine of twin motors combined with its instantaneous lightning fast speed is unmatchable.

RCCA: What was your first RC vehicle?
BO: My First RC vehicle was the “Firefox” RC buggy/Jeep from back in 1981.

RCCA: What are two must have upgrades you would recommend for any RC Boat?
BO: The two biggest upgrades to an RC boat would be first the drive system, next the power system. This is where our boats differ; they come with Top Notch components in both areas. All areas in fact.

RCCA: What future projects can you tell us about?
BO: When the new battery tech comes out, we will be one of the first to embrace it. We have lots of new designs coming out. We have new hardware and exciting new hulls coming out. Unlike most any other RC boat company, we are constantly innovating and improving our products. Our production isn’t so big that changes are difficult; we can change production in less than a week!

RCCA: Is there anything else you want to let our readers know?
BO: We plan to revolutionize and innovate the RC boat arena. Everything I have learned in 20 years of racing is applied to our boats. Our goal is to provide RC boats that need zero upgrades. We are not building “Ready To Run” boats; our boats are Ready To Win!

Text by Leigh Guarnieri
Images provided by Bill Oxidean

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