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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

ProTek R/C Silicon Graphene HV LiPo Batteries

From AMain Hobbies:

ProTek R/C’s new Silicon Graphene 100C HV LiPos promise to give racers more of everything: lower internal resistance, improved efficiency with lower temperatures, better run time, double the charge cycles and increased voltage—dare we say faster lap times too! “The new SG packs are .1 to .2 tenths of a second per lap faster in the 17.5 classes because they have more power and they don’t fade. They are legit!” says, Randy Pike Tekin Team Manager.

Lab testing has shown that the discharge curve of the ProTek R/C Silicon Graphene batteries is noticeably better than the competition, providing more voltage during discharge without any significant drop off. The discharge results also translate to the racetrack—faster lap times and more consistency late in the race were reported by all of the racers who were involved with testing.

For 17.5 racers looking for an on-track advantage, when compared to conventional LiPo batteries, Silicon Graphene batteries are lighter and can be charged at rates up to 10C! The power to weight ratio is considerably better and will be noticed by discerning racers.

ProTek R/C offers 10 Silicon Graphene 100C LiPo batteries to support all popular forms of electric R/C racing. There are three “shorty” pack configurations, a new low CG touring car pack, as well as several 4S and 2S stick packs.

Please use this link for more info about the ProTek R/C Silicon Graphene HV LiPo batteries:

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