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Protect Your Brushless Motor’s Sensor Wire

Team Tekin’s Ty Campbell provides this great tech tip for keeping your sensor wire for your brushless motor safe and secure.

Alright people, this is Ty with a Tekin Tech Tip. It has come to my attention more and more with each race I attend and I feel that I need to share a little bit of information with all of you. Most of you who have purchased RX8 or RS/RSPro combos are probably wonder what this thing is:

That little “thingy” is a sensor harness clip that installs on the back of your Redline/T8 motors to securely hold your harness and keep it from coming unplugged or flopping around. All too often I see sensor wires like this:

This is bad. Think of the vibrations and hits your car, truck or buggy take during a race or a bash. Gravity is the demise of RC and one of the main causes of part breakage. I promise, look it up. Your sensor harness is a critical piece of equipment and it needs to function properly or your system will not show you its full potential, you’ll lose your timing boost and turbo and there is a chance that you might not finish that Amain run. However, if the ESC detects a bad sensor or the plug comes out it will seamlessly shift into sensorless operation so you can still finish the run. A damaged sensor wire that hasn’t fallen out can cause problems though, which is why this clip is a necessity. Without rambling on anymore about why it’s bad to leave the clip out here’s what you do.

1. Take one screw out of the endbell of your motor. It doesn’t matter which one it is, just as long as your harness is routed safely and securely out of harms way. I would recommend only using the top two on the 1/10 Redlines and only the one top screw on the T8s, for obvious reasons.

2. Plug the harness in and gently fold the wires just after the plug so the wire points straight up the back of the motor. Install the clip like below:

3. DON’T OVERTIGHTEN THE SCREW! It only needs to be just snug enough to hold the harness clip on securely, overtightening will ruin the clip.

Here’s how it looks on both Redline 1/10 and 1/8 T8 motors:

4. Plug the harness into your ESC and done. See how much cleaner that looks? Not only that, you just saved your harness from pre-mature failure and you can tell your buddies about this awesome little clip! Go do it!

This was your Tekin Tech Tip with Ty Campbell. Keep it rubber side down!

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