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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

Novak Trade In Program

Latest from Novak:

As an industry leader in customer service, Novak has spearheaded a complete redesign of its non-warranty service options. Two easy-to-use, comprehensive programs are now available: Speed Control Trade-In Program and Motor Trade-In Program, each with a Legacy Lifetime option. It’s a surprisingly simple system that provides dozens of choices to get Novak racers back on the track quickly. With these new options, Novak customers will never be left behind as technology advances.


For customers with currently manufactured Novak speed controls and brushless motors, there are three replacement options within the Speed Control and Motor Trade-In Programs:

 REPLACE— Product is replaced with the same item
 EXCHANGE— Product is exchanged for another item within the same group
 UPGRADE— Product is upgraded for another item

Refer to the program’s Web pages for a number of examples.


The new Legacy Lifetime option allows customers to return ANY discontinued Novak speed control (brush or brushless) or ANY discontinued Novak brushless motor, and upgrade to one of Novak’s newest products. The choices are endless! This impressive option gives customers the opportunity to update their products at a discounted price.

All of the replaced, exchanged or upgraded items are factory remanufactured, and include a new, 120-day warranty.

Novak’s new Customer Service Trade-In Program is now in effect. If you have any questions about the Trade-In Program, please visit Novak’s Web site or call one of Novak’s highly trained Customer Service Representatives.

Trevor “Chilly” Duncan
Online News Editor
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