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My Vintage Team Losi Collection Just Got Bigger

Last weekend I headed to Connecticut for a little solid axle racing fun, and to see friends and get some of the good food that I can’t get in Georgia (like Pepe’s pizza. So good…). I stopped by to see my buddy Rob (some of you may know him from the magazine) and I checked out his collection of RC Car Action review vehicles that he inherited through the years. I completely forgot about most of the vehicles that he had and after saying “holy cow” a few times, I convinced him to let most of them go. Don’t feel bad for Rob, he wasn’t doing anything with them. They still had years-old dirt on them from the last time they ran. Now most of those vehicles are back home with me and are going to get cleaned up and ready for shelf life. The brand that I have the most vehicles from is Team Losi and below are some of of the ones that are back in my collection.

The Losi XX-4 was my favorite 4WD buggy and I had the first version before I started working at RC Car Action. I jumped at the chance to review the Worlds Edition and had a blast racing it. I gave it a paint job similar to the one used by Jukka Steenari.

My favorite feature of this buggy was the adjustable front “clicker” that controlled how much one-way action the front end had. The fully enclosed drivetrain, large opening under the motor, split 6-cell battery mount and mid mounted steering servo were also pretty innovative features too.

I’m not a huge fan of mini RC vehicles but the Mini-T was one that I made an exception for. It was one of the most fun 1/18-scale vehicle ever made and I wish it was still available. I raced this one on the carpet track at RC Madness in Enfield CT.

It’s almost ready to run! I just have to cycle the battery a bunch of times and get a receiver mounted up. Losi really made it look like a baby XXX-T.

I really enjoyed racing the gas truck class back in the day and this is one of the last trucks from that class that I got ti review. It’s the XXX-NT Adam Drake 2.

So fresh and clean. I didn’t get to run this one often so it’s pretty much brand new. I wish they would bring the gas truck class back. It was so much fun.

This Team Losi XXX-T Matt Francis Edition stadium truck was actually reviewed by Peter Vieira and he gave it to my boy Rob. Now I have it, so technically Pete gave it to me. I remember when he sent the body to Bill Zegers for paint, and enclosed a picture of a Honda motocross bike with a note that said “do something like this.”

The red accents are a nice touch, they make this truck look great even when the body is off. I bet that this truck would still do fine tracks today, the XXX-T was a great platform.

I’m really glad these Losi vehicles are back in my collection and what makes them even cooler is that they are all special editions that have all the trick gear right out of the box. This is just scratching the surface of the vehicles that I brought home. Thanks Rob!


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