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My Top 5 Personal Alternatives For Silicone Fuel Line

So what, you thought fuel line was just for Nitro guys?  If you have been in the hobby for a little while, you know this isn’t true. In fact, I use fuel line on my Electric applications almost as much as my Nitro ones.  Here are my top 5 favorite alternative uses for silicone fuel line.

#1.  Add some fuel line to your shocks, inside and out. Using fuel line inside the shock will help space things out for a little lower ride that can’t be achieved by suspension change ups. Adding it to the outside helps with bottoming out. It’s like a little cushion for the shock body as the suspension comes crashing down landing a jump. A small “ring” of fuel line around the shock shaft will also help tune your suspension because by placing the fuel line at the top (base of shock body) you can tell how far the shock compressed during a practice tuning run. Stay consistent in your run, any crashes or goofs will alter the turn out.

#2. Insolate wires from outside forces. You never know where the wires might end up on a build. Remember those antenna wires, servo and ESC wires. Even censored brushless motors have sensitive wires. With the right size fuel line, cover what you can (as required) and make it look clean and protected.  

#3. Keep dirt and junk out of those pivot balls on suspension components. Sure, some setups have little foam sponges that keep stuff out, but you can use a little fuel line too. This works great for keeping stuff out. You don’t want your suspension to bind up during a run.

#4. Make a sure grip handle on those spare Allen key L-Wrenches. We all have them. It can be real tiresome on the fingers if used often. Soften the handle with fuel line. This makes for better grip and more control.

#5. Keep those dog bones in place by inserting a small piece of fuel line into each out drive and axle shaft. Don’t go too big, or as the suspension compresses you don’t want to add strain to the drive train components, just enough to keep that dog bone inline.

Final thoughts:

            I know these tips may not be for everyone, and there are hundreds of uses for fuel line (other than fuel) when you think about it. This stuff is inexpensive enough to have spare amounts around in the tool box or shop. Different colors and sizes make it so versatile. So go ahead, try these useful alternatives out for yourself.  Along the way I’m sure you’ll have a “I know! ….” moment and find another use for this stuff. These are just my top 5 favorites.




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