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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

JConcepts Releases SC 12mm Rulux Wheels And Rear Adaptors Plus A Stampede 4×4 Over-Tray

By popular demand JConcepts is bringing the Rulux 12mm hex design to the SC10, SC10 4×4, XXX-SCT and similar wheel offset applications. Rulux wheels are 1:1 inspired and offer a look that is unmistakably JConcepts. No detail has been missed with these beauties as the Rulux wheel incorporates a lug nut and spoke affect that emulates the real thing. Wheel profile, interior and exterior ribbing and spoke design were all areas of focus while creating the combination of durability, clearance, functionality and appearance.

With the black color and a matte face appearance, being unique is worry free as practically any paint scheme can be matched to these exciting new wheels. The hassle-free and lightweight 1-piece design creates the ultimate race and show wheel for any competition. To use the 12mm hex wheel on the SC10 or XXX-SCT it requires JConcepts part # 2081 for the rear and an inboard hub conversion for front.


  • Original 1:1 inspired JConcepts Rulux 12mm hex design
  • Durable design, finish and material
  • Black in color with matte face appearance
  • Hassle free and lightweight 1-piece design


  • SC10 with conversion adaptors
  • SC10 4×4 front and rear
  • Losi XXX-SCT rear with conversion adaptors
  • Traxxas Slash 2wd with wide-track suspension kits

Rulux – SC10 12mm hex wheel – 2.2″ x 3.0″ (black) – 2pc
Part # – 3332B
Retail price – $9.00
(Requires JC part # 2081 for SC10 and XXX-SCT rear and conversion inboard hub for front)

Converting the SC10 and XXX-SCT to 12mm hex drive is simple with the release of the rear hex adaptor set from JConcepts. Precision machined, blue aluminum anodizing with a clamping style design make-up the design elements that combine durability and functionality. Installation is simple and converts the rear of the SC10 and XXX-SCT to the more popular 12mm design. Requires JConcepts #3332B wheel for proper offset and handling characteristics.


  • Simple, clamping 12mm design and function
  • Durable, aluminum material with blue anodizing

12mm rear hex adaptor for SC10 – blue anodized aluminum
Part # – 2081
Retail price – $9.00
(Fits SC10 and XXX-SCT rear axle and requires JC wheel part # 3332B)

When racing on a loamy or top soil track surface the inside of the Stampede 4×4 chassis can become loaded with dirt or debris which creates extra weight. With the JConcepts over-tray these worries are minimized with the simple and functional over-tray. Fitting nicely under the body; the JConcepts over-tray hugs the outside dimension of the Stampede 4×4 chassis protecting the inside from unwanted excess dirt and debris build-up during racing conditions. By minimizing resting surface area the void and protrusion free design is all about performance.

The over-tray is snug around the entire chassis structure while being attached with hook and loop tape around the sides and a slide-in fit in the front for easy access. The over-tray is built with extra height and rake to provide extra room for various electrical and battery configurations.


  • Original JConcepts simple design and function
  • Includes hook and loop tape
  • Durable clear polycarbonate material can be painted or wrapped
  • Plenty of clearance for various electrical and battery configurations
  • JConcepts – World Proven Innovation and Design

*over-tray shown is trimmed and mounted, actual part comes clear and untrimmed.

Illuzion – Stampede 4×4 – over-tray – protects chassis from excessive debris
Part # – 2085
Retail price – $25.00
(Fits Stampede 4×4) 

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