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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

JConcepts Hit Men Tires and Mono Max Wheels


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JConcepts Hit Men Tires and Mono Max Wheels

Text and photos by David Maffucci

In 1/8-scale off-road buggy racing, tire choice plays a huge factor in vehicle handling. Picking the right tire tread for your racing surface and conditions will go a long way towards decreasing your lap times. JConcepts is an innovative company on the leading edge of technology and their tires generally feature long life, easy assembly, and ultimate performance. Today I’m mounting up the JConcepts “Hit Men” 1/8 scale buggy tires in the soft, blue compound. The pins on these tires feature a pyramid-shaped design which allows them to be a bit more flexible than a traditional square pattern. This pin shape combined with the soft and sticky rubber compound make this a tire which works great on a variety of surfaces. When new, the Hit Men work exceptionally well on soft surfaces, wet or dry. As they wear down, they begin working better on harder surfaces such as indoor clay tracks. I felt that the tires had a nice, wide and clean inner bead, they also feature good internal ribbing and they come with yellow molded foams. The ribbing should help keep tire ballooning to a minimum and molded foams mean a compact direct fit, no need to trim the tire foams.

I mounted them on the JConcepts Mono Max Wheels. I chose a set of bright white wheels which are sold in sets of 4. These wheels have a number of features that really make them stand out. For starters, their bead was a perfect match to the tires. They fit together perfectly. The wheels also feature a small outer glue catch which reduces the likelihood that over gluing will cause an ugly river of glue to run down the face of your new wheels. Style wise, the wheels have a convex-dish shaped design which really look great on my buggy. Finally, the wheels feature a good amount of inner ribbing which should add strength and rigidness yet not interfere with the extreme steering angles of today’s race buggies. These wheels are also available in fluorescent yellow. 

The combination of JConcepts wheels and tires will give me the style, quality and performance I want when I hit the racetrack. The Hit Men tread allows me to run on a variety of surfaces and conditions without lugging bags of different tires to the track. Their excellent tread wear is perfect for outdoors when they are new and as they wear down, switch to running them indoors on harder packed tracks, where other tires you may have to throw away. It is almost like getting two sets of tires for the price of one! When racing season starts, I’m sure that armed with JConcepts wheels and tires, my buggy is ready to hit the podium!


Hit Men Tires: Item # 3009, Mono Max Wheels: Item # 3302

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