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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

IIC 2011 – CRC new releases

Calandra Racing Concepts – CRC

Gen-Xi 1:12th race car kit – #3203

Making a debut here in Las Vegas is the new 1:12th car from CRC, the Gen-Xi (inline). The Gen-Xi keeps all the great features (Encore shock, Pro Strut front end, full carbon components) and performance of the multi-National champion Gen-XL as well as adding a few new features.

In addition to all the great features carried over from the Gen-XL, the car also accepts the new 1s “shorty” pack from CRC. The shorty pack fits right down the centerline of the chassis. This yields total balance and symmetry unlike the some of the so called “inline designs” that have popped up lately. The new 1s Shorty will be perfect for the 17.5 and 13.5 blinky and boosted racing that is popular in North America. And at 660 grams, the race ready Gen-Xi is a full 70 grams lighter than a 1:12th car equipped with a standard 1s battery. The 4200 mah shorty pack is an powerful 65c cell with the runtime tested to be more than adequate for spec racing classes.

With the winning heritage passed down from the Gen-XL, the car will be equally strong in the modified class with the standard 1s battery installed. The Gen-Xi accepts both our new shorty pack and a standard 1s battery and features over .5″ of battery movement, allowing you to really adjust the characteristics of the car. The Xi also has multiple shock mounting positions for altering the weight transfer points as well.

In addition to the 1s shorty pack, the new Gen-Xi features a new molded steering block that features a 1/8th inch axle and corresponding bearings. This will make the front end almost bullet proof and yet keep the winning performance of the Pro Strut front suspension.

The Gen-Xi is a great car at a great price, retaining the $199.99 street price in hobby stores and online at Not a conversion or half of a car, this is a full racing car kit for less than $200. Available early November 2011. An upgrade kit from the Gen-X and XL will be offered at an affordable price.

“The Gen-Xi has been performing very well. We just wrapped up the Top Qualifying position in the hotly contested 1:12th 17.5 class here at the 2011 IIC in Las Vegas! With many new Gen-Xi cars in the 17.5, 13.5 and Modified A-mains, we are thrilled with the performance.” – Frank Calandra


Molded Pinion Trees –  #5015 + 5017

New from Team CRC are these two molded plastic pinion trees. This all new design sports pinion storage on all 4 sides which allows you to store a huge range of gears.

The smaller tree holds pinion gears 18 – 45 teeth. The larger tree holds 46 – 67 tooth gears.

Both trees feature legs that hold the tree off the table so the pinions don’t get beaten and scraped up.


New Front Steering Assembly

This revised front steering assembly gives you great range of adjustment and vastly improves steering response.


Shorty Lipo Pack – #3703  

The new 1s Shorty pack from CRC is a high performance 3.7 volt battery specifically made for the new Gen-Xi car. The 4200 mah cell features a low internal resistance and high 65c rating. The 4200 capacity allows for 21.5, 17.5 and 13.5 racing the is very popular in North America. The pack will be a great addition to any oval racing as it is almost 2 ounces lighter than a standard 1s pack. Why carry 6500 mah when the car only uses 2500 mah of capacity.


CRC/Black Art BA005 1:12th racing body

The new BA005 is designed for high speed 1:12th modified with high downforce for increased stability. The body will fit all the popular 1:12th cars and is molded in lightweight .020” lexan.

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