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How Many Fails Can You Find?

This is still one of my all time favorite RC videos…the one where two friends decide to perform a speed run with what looks like a TRX Jato nitro truck.  A truck capable of 60-70mph.  On a 5ft wide walking path.

This epic video is so full of “what not to do,” it’s difficult to know where to start…let’s see…

1)  Driving the truck with no body

2) Driving a fast car in a tight area (5ft wide walkway) with automobiles and people in the path of danger.

3) Pause at 0:03–the driver is literally standing IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WALKWAY driving the truck towards him.  You can see him start to lunge out of the way when the  Where was this truck supposed to go?  Was he planning to drive it between his legs?

4) While standing in the path of the speeding truck, he avoids hitting himself by colliding with the only tree in the entire park, creating the world’s first 2-piece Jato.

5)  Walking towards the aftermath and actually looking surprised.
I love videos like these.  Have any good ones of your own?  Let’s see ’em!

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