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Grease Is the Word [TECH CENTER]

What’s the best kind of grease for metal gears? Do I need special grease if my truck is going to be in mud and water?


Before we get to the best grease, let’s talk about the worst grease for metal gears, and that’s “no grease.” At the very least, use the grease supplied with your car (which is typically a silicone grease or white lithium type). For wet-weather duty as you describe, an aluminum-complex waterproof grease is the best choice. CowRC’s Udder Butter is an excellent example of this type. If your gears are dry, go ahead and slather them in Udder Butter. If the gears currently have another type of grease on them, degrease them first—some greases are not compatible with others and shouldn’t be mixed. If you’ve got a solid-axle truck, go ahead and coat the axles, bearings, and any other metal parts in the axle housing with grease, whether they’re sliding against other parts or not. Even if you don’t need the lubrication, the grease will help keep the parts from rusting.

Mud Truck

If you’re down for this kind of action, waterproof grease is a must.


 The tenacious green grease stays put on parts and contains antiwear additives.


Udder Butter comes in 2-oz. and 4-oz. jars, or you can get it in a 2.5-oz. syringe.

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