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Drive Time With The Arrma Fazon [Review]

I have the new Arrma Fazon and was able to get out this past weekend to tear up the dirt with it. It’s based on the Nero chassis and has a cool futuristic look to it. It’s a pretty heavy truck but Arrma includes a power system that has no problem getting it from A to B in a hurry. Here’s a quick look at the Arrma Fazon.


The Fazon comes with a low profile body that looks like it would be right at home in the future. The body clips are attached with small pulls that help you remove the clips and keeps them with the body at all times.


dBoots Pincer all terrain tires come with the Fazon. The low-profile tire looks like it would work better on pavement than in the dirt but they provide great grip everywhere.


The included wheelie bar is adjustable and has a flexible mount provides a cushion when it hits the ground.


Pivot ball suspension in the front and rear of the truck provides a smooth ride and allows for quick and easy adjustments of camber, castor, toe and more without having to remove the tires from the truck.


The inboard mounted shock are protected from the elements and multiple mounting positions allow you to fine tune them. Guards above them add protection and double as body mounts.


The batteries are loaded from the bottom and foam spacers are used to keep them from moving around. A button on the side is used to unlock the cover and once the batteries have been loaded the covers clip in place.


A waterproof 150A speed control is included and it’s capable of handling up to 6S power. It comes with XT90 plugs soldered on the wires and Arrma includes a pair for use on your batteries if they don’t have them already.


A 2000Kv brushless motor gets the tires spinning and it’s mounted to a strong aluminum mount as low as possible in the chassis. The drivetrain has beefy items such as a steel spur gear and metal driveshafts that are made up of aluminum and steel.


The Fazon is a pretty heavy truck and I was expecting sluggish performance but I was wrong. I placed the truck on the ground, mashed the throttle and the tires lit up instantly. The low profile treads allowed them to spin slightly in the dirt and that softened the blow and made the truck easy to drive. The tires along with the smooth operating speed control and motor made the Fazon very predictable. From time to time the front end would lift and the wheelie bar would hit and the cushion that it provided made the wheelie less violent that it would have been if it was hard mounted. The power system really shined when it came to jumps. A little stab of the throttle would launch the truck high in the air and the power also shined when it came to making air borne adjustments. It’s very easy to raise or lower the nose of the Fazon if it hits a jump wrong and gets into trouble.


I’m working on a review of the Fazon and have some more testing to do. You’ll be able to check out all the details in the April 2017 issue of RC Car Action.

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