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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

COMING SOON: Traxxas Boosting X-Maxx to 8S LiPo Power! [VIDEO]

The huge and hugely popular Traxxas X-Maxx debuted with 6S LiPo capability, but it didn’t take long for power-mad monster truckers to start dropping aftermarket power systems into the truck to squeeze in a few more cells for even more powah. Soon, the X-Maxx will roll right out of the box ready for 8S, and Traxxas plans more for the revamped truck than just a new VXL-8s speed control. The differentials are beefed up, and a new “Torque-Biasing Center Drive unit” has been added–among other changes. More deets below, or CLICK HERE to go read about the truck at!

And heads-up, Traxxas is making it easy to convert your 6S X-Maxx!



“The new VXL-8s is an all-new Traxxas design that incorporates advanced microprocessor control, built-in protection circuitry, and distinct on-board LEDs to be our most powerful, dependable, and easiest to use power system ever.”



“Engineered to handle the massive power increase, new high-strength, new high-strength precision steel gears, all-new ring and pinion gears, a new impact-absorbing Cush Drive™, larger diameter driveshafts, and larger main bearings combine to substantially improve durability. No matter what kind of fun you like to have behind the wheel, X-Maxx is ready to take it on.”



The heavy-duty, cast-alloy, Torque-Biasing Center Drive unit improves front/rear power distribution for absolutely mind-boggling four-wheel drive acceleration. It’s precisely tuned to allow instant wheels-up punch off the line and seamless, virtually invisible operation at speed. A Powered-Up X-Maxx scorches over and through jagged rough terrain like nothing else. Don’t hold back! Bury the throttle and go big!

smallest-nitro-fbAlready have an X-Maxx? Traxxas will offer the new 8S parts as a “Power-Up” so you can upgrade your truck–we’ll have a separate post with details on that.


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