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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

Add a Light Bar to Your Pro-Line Ambush [HOW-TO]

Pro-Line’s 6276-00 2″ LED light bar is designed for 1/10 scale vehicles, but I couldn’t help but notice how nicely it lines up with the roof panel of Pro-Line’s 1/25 scale Ambush 4X4. And when I recalled the receiver/speed control unit has an open third channel port that could provide plug-in power for the lights, I knew my Ambush was about to get a lot brighter. I’m pretty stoked on the result, and the install is easy.



Pro-Line supplies everything you need to install the light bar on a variety of vehicles, in a variety of ways.



The low-profile brackets are the way to go for the Ambush.



Place the light for position, then mark the bracket locations.



Mark the hole locations and recheck to make sure everything is lined up. Check twice, drill once!


Mounting holes drilled. Use the smallest drill size that will still allow the mounting screws to pass through. I used an Align hand drill with a 3mm bit to do the job.



After installing the brackets, I drilled an additional hole to route the power wires. I removed the connector so I could pass the wires through a small hole instead of making a big, ugly opening large enough for the plug to pass through.



I made a hole by the driver’s shoulder for the wires to enter the body. After routing the wires, I reinstalled the plug and bundled the extra wire.



Almost done. The light bar plugs into the open port on the receiver/speed control unit. The lights will be on anytime the Ambush is powered up. If you’d like to add a switch to the circuit, RC4WD offers a plug-in solution.



Looks factory! I zip-tied the power wires to the roll cage for a neat install.



This photo doesn’t do justice to how bright the light bar is. Trust me, you’ll be very impressed when you turn out the lights or hit the backyard after dark.

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