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2010 1/8-scale Off-road World Championships Day Six – Results

Jared Tebo takes TQ in commanding fashion!
Jared Tebo was off to his typical ways in heat one, setting the TQ time to beat with a 13/10:13. In the following heat Ryan Maifield had quite a bit of pressure to put down a good run. His 2 previous runs were plagued with technical problems. Ryan was looking good of the start. The track was getting extremely bumpy and everyone’s cars were getting unsettled at anytime. Ryan came into the pits on a 13/10:08 pace which was well ahead of the TQ. He told me that he heard where he was at and just drove a little too conservative after the pit stop and found himself at 2nd qualifier for the round.

Lap times and overall race times have been on a slowing trend as the rounds go on. There is no doubt that this has to do directly with the track conditions. Almost every corner and every jump face are showing signs of wear. The track maintenance team should be out in full force tonight to prep the track for the early mains on Saturday. Drivers have been adjusting their setups, tire choice and lines to change with the track. I would assume we will see a concrete patched and well oiled track for the start of Saturday and Sunday mains. This is the track style that Ryan Maifield TQ’ed back-to-back rounds. Everyone would love to see a Maifield/Tebo battle, but lets not write off the next 10 drivers below them yet. This is still anyone’s championship to win.

Q6 results
 1 Jared Tebo 13/10:13.41  
2 Ryan Maifield 13/10:20.39
3 Atsushi Hara 13/10:21.76
4 Josh Wheeler 13/10:26.42
5 Ty Tessman 13/10:26.83
6 Ryan Lutz 13/10:26.92
7 Mark Pavidis 13/10:28.22
8 Robert Batlle 13/10:28.46
9 Adam Drake 13/10:28.95
10 Jarome Aigoin 13/10:29.11
11 Dakota Phend 13/10:31.71
12 Martin Bayer 13/10:33.85
13 Travis Amezcua 13/10:34.25
14 Ryan Cavalieri 13/10:34.45
15 Jeremy Kortz

Top 16 – overall points:
TQ- Jared Tebo                 737
2. Atsushi Hara                 730
3. Adam Drake                 726
4. Ryan Maifield              726
5. Billy Fischer                  716
6. Cody King                      715
7. Reno Savoya                 715
8. Ryan Cavalieri              710
9. Miguel Matias             695
10. Mike Truhe                694
11. ty Tessmann              692
12. Darren Bloomfield   689
13. Yannick Aigoin           689
14. Jeremy Kortz             687
15. Jorn Neumann         680
16. Josh Wheeler           680


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