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2010 1/8-scale Off-road World Championships Day Four

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Round 1 is in the bag and the sun is no longer hiding behind clouds for the first time since we’ve been here. Track temperatures have spiked to 118 degrees and oil is starting to seep through a few areas of the track. The track surface is very dynamic throughout the lap. The concrete corners and patches are very prevalent. A few corners are very dusty, ruts are forming and starting to become 1-2 inches deep in areas. The faces of jumps are holding up pretty well. The only one I noticed that is deteriorating is the face of the inside jump in the 4-staggared section. This may be a concern for driver as that is definitely a fast line clearing the inside double.

Once again, Ryan Maifield is looking unstoppable topping his first round TQ by over 2.5 seconds. He made very few mistakes during his run and I don’t think times are going to get much faster. Ryan has been running the Jconcepts green compound subcultures and is planning on sticking with them for tomorrow’s qualifying. Hara stepped up his game after flaming out in the first round. He had a 14 lap run putting him in the elite group with Maifield and King. He decided to go with Hot Bodies white compund megabites. Jared Tebo missed 14 laps by just over a second. Tebo decided to go with medium compound AKA Impacts.  Maifield, Tebo, Drake, and Castellano are the only 4 drivers staying in the top 10 for the first two rounds of qualifying.

rd 2 top 15
1 Ryan Maifield 14/10:35.283
2 Atsushi Hara 14/10:44.154
3 Jared tebo 13/10:01.509
4 Adam Drake 13/10:09.445
5 Kyle McBride 13/10:11.375
6 Elliot Boots 13/10:11.516
7 Yannick Aigoin 13/10:11.614
8 Matt Castellano 13/10:14.482
9 Josh Wheeler 13/10:18.660
10 Teemu Leino 13/10:18.660
11 Ty Tessmann 13/10:20.806
12 Yuichi Kanai 13/10:21.387
13 Ryan Cavalieri 13/10:22.549
14 Billy Fischer 13/10:23.330
15 Jerome Aigoin 13/10:23.858

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