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Traxxas Experiencing Widespread Manufacturing Delays

Traxxas Experiencing Widespread Manufacturing Delays


Traxxas Experiences Manufacturing Delays

Traxxas fans are experiencing massive delays this year due to the supply chain issues caused by COVID-19's global pandemic.  

Despite having heavy inventory going into the pandemic,  Traxxas has been unable to keep up with increased demand for their vehicles, the most popular of which being the X-Maxx, according to our own internal retail figures.

According to our Dealer Representative at Traxxas, all dealers who sell the Traxxas brand are experience delays in the supply chain and heavy numbers of items ordered being put on backorder or delayed.



Traxxas Totally Sold Out Here At King Cobra of Florida

We are completely out of Traxxas Vehicles for online sales here at King Cobra of Florida.  We have a few models in-store left if you would like to stop by the showroom. 

But,  for online purposes,  we are completely sold out of all Traxxas Vehicles and experience heavy delays on all Traxxas items.


For Existing Traxxas Orders

Already have an existing Traxxas order you are waiting on?

We are asking all of our customers with existing Traxxas Vehicle orders to please contact us to either replace or refund your order.


Future Traxxas Orders

Want to get your hands on a particular Traxxas model but having a hard time finding it?  Only place the order if you are willing to wait,  and you will be waiting at least a month or two.

You aren't the only one.   Most hobby shops have sold through their limited Traxxas vehicle reserves,  and King Cobra of Florida is one of few Traxxas Dealers left with inventory in stock. However the most popular Traxxas vehicles like the X-Maxx, E-Revo 2.0 and anything else we sell out of,  will be delayed.

So, place your Traxxas orders at your own risk and only if you don't plan to receive the vehicle anytime soon.


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