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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)
5 Reasons Traxxas is the Best Brand for RC Newbies

5 Reasons Traxxas is the Best Brand for RC Newbies

If you have recently discovered the exciting hobby of Radio Control racing, chances are you may be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices in vehicles, parts, brands etc.

One of the top brands and manufacturers in the RC industry is Traxxas.

While there are many reasons why Traxxas is the best, below we list the top 5 reasons why Traxxas has proven to be the best brand of RC specifically for newbies.

1. Availability

Out of any brand, Traxxas is BY FAR the most available and easy to find brand of RC cars no matter where you are in the world. A lot of folks will make the mistake of investing in an RC brand that is practically impossible to find anywhere else. It may be made overseas, or in China, and only available online. If you choose this route, say goodbye to getting help, parts, support, or even another vehicle if you choose one of these no-name brands. Some of these brands are truly 'fly-by-night' and can popup and disappear all within a year's time. Some of them are just cheap knockoffs, or poorly made parts (such as motors with misleading stats) and will likely break much faster than quality made parts.

2. Support

One of the biggest things to consider when purchasing a new RC vehicle is the level of support that you may or may not receive from the manufacturer.

For example, some manufacturers have 1-800 customer service lines, and some don't. Some offer full support on their vehicles for things like repairs, replacements, etc. and some don't.

Traxxas by far provides some of the best RC Support in the industry, when it comes to servicing, fixing, diagnosing, repairing, or replacing a Traxxas Vehicle, you won't find any better support than Traxxas themselves. (Except maybe here at King Cobra!)

That being said, support is typically the last thing people think about when investing in the hobby, but as a newbie you will need more support than anyone. That's why we believe Traxxas is the best choice in the support department.

3. Warranty

Warranties are a dime-a-dozen, however a good warranty is hard to find. Even hard still is finding a company that actually honors their warranty.

Unlike other RC manufacturers, Traxxas stands behind their product with a complete and full warranty that takes all the pressure off anyone investing in RC for the first time. You can buy now, knowing that your purchase is fully protected from any manufacturer defects, or any other thing that may be wrong with it out of the box.

You can also drive your RC vehicle safely knowing that in the event it breaks or wrecks due to user error, Traxxas will still bend over backwards to get your vehicle running again.

Lastly, the batteries that Traxxas sells are covered by a complete one-year warranty, with full replacement for any reason, no questions asked, within the first year. This value alone means you are getting a better deal on batteries compared to any competitor.

4. Price

When it comes to RC, you have a wide range of options and pricing. You can definitely find vehicles that cost less than traxxas, (although not much less) and you can find brands that cost even more. However at the Traxxas Price Point, you certainly won't find anything comparing in quality. Traxxas has some of the lowest cost vehicles in the industry, if you are looking at a starter vehicle like a Slash, Bandit, Stampede, etc.

Most of the time you can get into a really well built RC that goes very fast out of the box, for under $200... for basic models. Spend a little more and you'll have a vehicle good enough to race at a competition level.

5. Speed & Strength

Although we listed it last, this may be the biggest reason of all to go with Traxxas brand vehicles for your first RC purchase.

Speed is one of the biggest reasons why anyone gets into RC. We all love to go fast, don't we! Traxxas vehicles are very fast, right out of the box, without any upgrades... most of them go above 30mph all the way up to 100mph or more with proper upgrades.

Not only are Traxxas vehicles fast, they are incredibly strong. Made here in America, Traxxas has taken great pains to ensure that every vehicle they make is durable, heavy duty, and made to take a beating. We know this is true because we see them fly through the air, land, hit things, all the time at our race track behind our shop. You would be surprised how well these handle the abuse!

To Sum It Up....

Ready To Shop Traxxas? Click Here!

To sum it up, Traxxas is by far the best brand you can consider when just starting out in the RC hobby. One thing is certain, these ain't your typical kid's remote control cars! Radio Control hobby-grade vehicles are on a whole 'nother level. Unlike the mass-produced "remote control toys" that you may have used as a kid, RADIO CONTROL vehicles are made to go faster, farther, then any toy.

Stick with Traxxas and you'll be sure to have the best experience, and the most fun, right out of the box.

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