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Wisconsin Off Road Championships

IMG_2068Man it is a busy season. With the holidays and 3 major races within a month and a half, it is a little crazy. First was the Wisconsin Offroad champs. This race was held at S&N Trackside Hobbies. As some of you might know this track is owned and operated by the industry icon Scotty Ernst.

I Left for the track Thurs night and pulled in to my hotel at 2:30AM. A grueling drive of eight hours with snow, sleet, and freezing rain mixed in. I slept fast in anticipation of the practice and the round of qualifying that was to come the next day.

Friday morning I headed down to breakfast to find all the fast guys preparing for the day’s events. Upon arriving to the track I found a great layout with excellent use of the small space. Although I should not have been surprised, this is always the way I have found Trackside. Practice went well and I was ready for the first round of qualifying at 7PM.

The 2 rounds of qualifying on Saturday went well with a 4 in 4wd mod and a 7 in 2wd mod for the round. However using the qual points system 2 great runs a needed to make the A Main. This meant that the “Last Chance” Qual on Sunday was needed for me to make the A Main.

After the Sunday qual I just barely made 10th in 4wd mod and was in the middle of the B in 2wd mod.

In the 4wd main I battled the entire time with Brandon Rohde and he ended up beating me giving me a 10th overall for the weekend. In 2wd it was a rough B main and I finished 5th in the B.

This event continues to grow every year with big name drivers like Chambers, Evans, Phend, Due, Cavalieri, and more in attendance. It may have something to do with the race being run by the world famous Scotty Ernst. It may be that I am a glutton for punishment as it seems to blizzard every year I travel to this race. Regaurdless The S&N Trackside Hobbies and Raceway Wisconsin OffRoad Championships is a big race, with big names, that is super fun, that everyone should attend.

I would like to thank the following people for their support that weekend.

J-Concepts: The gold bar codes were super hooked up all weekend.

Speed Passion: My Speed Passion speed controls and motors gave me great power all weekend.

Airtronics: No complaints in the control department. The servos and receivers performed flawlessly all weekend and the M11X looked sweet while doing it.

BC1 Graphics: Best makers of graphics in the industry. A custom shirt or car decals, they have you covered.

Luke Richards: Excellent help all weekend doing whatever needed done. I could not have done it without him.

JP Richards: Whatever I need he was there to help. Big thanks go out to him for the support.

LukeDawg Photography:  This guy gets all the shots from every race weekend. If you ever need a shot at the track, check him

Watch for the J-Concepts Clash Race report to follow soon.
See you at the races


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