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Where will RC Racing be in 50 years?

There is often talk in the RC community about the future of RC – future of racing – and general thoughts on how long people will be racing RC toy cars. I just ran across an interesting article today about the very beginnings of model car racing in Southern California. Before radio control, long before Team Associated, Tamiya, or Cox, there was tether car racing. These cars ranged in size from 10″ long to over 2′ long, and were able to achieve speeds near 200 mph in the 1940’s. The earliest records of anyone racing model cars in So. Cal was 1936 in Fresno.

I love old pictures like these. I look at those guys and try to figure out who was the ‘fast guy’ at those club races. Which guy was pissed because someone else had the dialed tires that day for the track conditions? I wonder if in 50 years the pictures from the ’07 Roar Nat’s will be archived somewhere? Where will they be stored? On a server somewhere? In virtual reality?

All I know is I’ll be 80 years old, and I’ll be racing whatever it is we are racing then. Hopefully they will still use tires. Goosebumps are dialed.

mvc-028f.jpg 070.jpg074.jpg069.jpg

They had magazines.  Apparently no websites or message boards?


The tracks –  Obviously with no steering, oval racing was popular. Drag racing a close second.

Tyrone, PA; circa 1947                   Fresno, CA, 1941                     Oakland, CA, 1952 – check out that groove.

tyrone01s.jpg fresnofromair01.jpg streamliner04.jpg

Racers: I think the guy on
the left is Hodapp’s
grandfather.                                              Factory Team?                              Starter Box?

doolingbros.jpg img0002cr5.jpg daddy-o.jpg

I say everyone wears
ties at the next worlds?


And naturally there were trophy girls. Nice – ….I think she worked at the bar near the track….


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