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West Coast Adventures

Let’s see if I can remember how to do this.

That model does that. This is the hot new phrase circling OCRC raceway. Apparently when things go south in the customer service department at a manufacturer “that model does that”.

It’s hard to top last year’s trip but it’s been a great ride again this year. Hanging out with Allison, Vegas, 702 raceway, JBRL, Thunder Alley, OCRC and West Coast R/C has been one heck of a ride.

I’m not going to lie, Vegas won and I did not break even. Although I don’t wager a lot, I just hate losing. When I’m sitting at the tables I feel like I’m in a 15 car short course qualifier. You might get a couple clean laps but in the end it’s a mess. Apparently red 23 only hits a low percentage of the time…….ugh.

Our bartender at Paris (big daddy) introduced us to his attorney buddy sitting next to us. Nothing like getting legal advice at the Paris hotel bar. Kevin apparently lives next to Andrew Bynum of the Los Angeles Lakers. Name dropping was no problem as he explained his business and his clients. Full recap can be provided if interested.
Business card exchanged…etc.

I got into an argument with an elderly woman at the ATM. I noticed that first she is trying to cut me off inline, but she was with friends so I let that slide. Then she continues to position herself blocking my view of the ATM. I would move one way and she would slide then I would move the other and she would slide again. Finally, I say are we dancing? She proceeds to tell me that she’s trying to give her friend privacy. I tell her it has been my dream for years to fly to Vegas to steal the $25 in their account in an attempt to take down Vegas turning their $25 into millions… She didn’t like that.

Moving on to 702 raceway where I brought no tools and just a charger and truck. Awesome track and an even better atmosphere. The SC10 was pretty dialed right off the trailer. I qualified 2nd in the first round behind Cavalieri. Yes, Cavalieri was in town for Super Cross and decided to also race. When it comes to R/C racing sometimes it seems Cavalieri is racing with house money. Who knows maybe I would have taken him down in round 2? Video highlights coming soon.

Allison and I had to leave at noon to make the JBRL race in California so I was unable to finish the race.

After the short 3.5 hour drive we checked into the new hotel and proceeded out to Rev as the cool guys call it for the nitro JBRL. I’m going to change the name of JConcepts to Lakers to maximize our west coast presence. Jimmy B would be all over us as a gold and purple sponsor.

Can I protest the Lakers or write articles about them while in LA? Will I live to see another day? I wonder if I can go down to staples center with my “Kobe is a tool t-shirt”? This isn’t my idea either, Chris Jarosz came up with the T-shirt idea and I’m simply asking the questions. I’m just kidding Tim Davis and Lakers fans, you will win it again. Huge parade planned already.

You know what? I’m converting right now to being a fan of the Lakers. Look for my Facebook updates and celebration. It’s a win / win, if they win the title I’m going to be happy if they lose I will have plenty of supporters around me to get me through the tough times until next November. Lakers over Suns in 6 and Lakers over Celtics in 6. Phil might as well size up the rings and sign a new contract. Double repeat the 3-peat. You heard it here first.

I have a Volkswagen Jetta this time around. Not exactly the most manly car on the road but hey, it gets good gas mileage. Last years Yaris was probably better for getting girls but the Jetta has improved stability, better in the rough stuff, squares up nicely coming out of the turns, is really consistent, runs a lot cooler and is at least 1/2 second a lap faster. Imagine if I put a cab forward body on it. Sickkk Bro!!

The Jetta had no problem with the Vegas to Cali drive and my entire luggage. Perhaps the 27 cubic feet of room in the back seat had something to do with it?

We hung around until about 9pm to watch the JBRL A-mains. Things didn’t unfold as planned with the team as some mechanical problems forced us out early in the nitro mains. Apparently nitro “models do that”. Ironically Brent Thielke was on a mission in the electric class and took the win over Jeremy Kortz. The Double Dees V2 tire was victorious.

Sunday we headed out to Thunder Alley for some testing. Rob Jackson was nice enough to come out and give us the opportunity on his awesome track. Larger than life step-ups and table tops. Steven and Tanner were doing quite well so it was a success. Double Dees V2 was again our hot tire for that track.

Moving down closer to the beach in Costa Mesa we checked into another hotel. Time to visit OCRC raceway and catch-up with the crew and get ready for the Wave. Robert, Nick, Chet and Denny O were on hand and things were shaping up nicely for the race. New large track looks awesome, can’t wait to get the B4 out there with the gold Bar Codes.

Monday, Allison and I worked around to several dealers in the surrounding area. Driving in California is always a trip as it’s almost a free for all and cutting people off is expected or tolerated. I just see it like the race track where you have to give credit for a nice pass. Nice move bro.

Tuesday I spent some time working at the hotel in the morning and then lunch down by Huntington Beach. Allison was seated next to the loud talkers so lunch was a so, so experience. We went and checked out West Coast R/C and spoke to Danny and the crew for quite awhile. Danny let me drive a pack in his SC10. I’m thinking to myself his truck has more power than mine, what’s up with that? After a good few laps I had my fix and we moved on. Awesome facility at West Coast, the locals are so lucky in Southern California.

The older I get the bigger the difference the time change makes. Meals, sleep patterns….everything is a little more difficult with 3 hours difference but I powered through like any R/C driver would.

Wednesday came and I dropped Allison off at the airport and she was headed back to Florida. I went down to OCRC and looked for my B4 and B44. Nothing yet from UPS. I was a spectator for club racing at OCRC. I did have my SCT from Vegas but wasn’t into it at the time. I made the ~20 minute drive to West Coast to see the King Saxton and the other AE guys that were running SC that night. They wanted me to race with them and enter into the 12 truck field. I agreed and got out my SC and charger. No tools…

I rushed out and put the truck on the track and started 12th on the grid, go at the tone. I could tell right away the truck was really good and I moved into 4th and then into second. The King was just behind me and he appeared to have no issues getting some “elbow room” and moved into second. We had a great race going and then he sawed it off at the end of the straight and I was gone. I did get to race him several laps later because he stayed on the track with 3 tires. The King made it wide and I couldn’t get by at all for 3 laps. The fun was gone for me and I was ready to get by…. Apparently I don’t believe in the fun crashing aspect of SCT. The Subcultures were the hot tire and I was happy with how things felt.

Round 2 I was sitting on the front row and I couldn’t get around that first turn quick enough. Breath, no SCT beat down in the first turn. I held a good lead while Josh Anderson and others caught-up slightly when I missed some of my lines and jump timing. I hung on for the win and TQ!

I had to leave early once again but this time to meet Tanner, Chris and Dan back at OCRC. Tanner flew in with Chris for the weekend’s upcoming race. They also brought golf clubs and issued the challenge for Thursday which a few guys took them up on. I guess Tanner won. Tiger Woods y’all!

Thursday I met up with more hobby stores and visited with a few more of my friends. I drove down to the track later in the day and mounted tires while watching the game. It took me about 3 hours to mount tires while watching TV, got to love the TV’s at OCRC. At about 8:45 I threw out the B4 and got some practice. I really doubted my speed and ability after the first practice. I even heard some hecklers watching…..ugh. Time was up for the night and we hit the hotel.

Friday morning we made a drive over to Pacific Coast Hobbies. Wow, great shop and fully stocked. Theo and Lindsey gave us the full tour and I even picked up a new racers edge body reamer. Next time you need a body mounted you know where to come to. No, no just kidding.

OCRC opened at 12:00pm so we headed out to get some track time. My driving was improving and I was feeling more confident. The gold compound Bar Codes were the ticket for the 2wd and 4wd. If you are picking up a set for either OCRC or West Coast I suggest getting them on the track and breaking them in a little bit prior to racing.

Saturday morning we were up early and headed to the track. My 2wd felt very good and I put in a 16 lap first run. Steven Hartson put down the quickest 16 lapper so I was sitting in 2nd after round 1. Tanner also put in a good run and was sitting in the A-main so everything was looking good in 2wd.

4wd was up next and I struggled badly. Steven again put the whip down on everyone and TQ’ed pretty solidly. Tanner looked most comfortable with his 4wd and it showed. He was sitting around 4th. Cody Turner and BT also looked very strong in the 2nd and 3rd positions.

It was time for short course and it was a good battle between me, Tanner and Chris Jarosz. I was able to take TQ with a quick 14 lap run. 15 laps were on the horizon.

An interesting note, everyone starting comparing radio stats at one point. You can now look at everyone’s radio and see how much time or “mileage” they have put on the radio. Steven Hartson has over 500 hours of time on his Futaba radio in about a year’s time or since it had maintainence. By comparison I have roughly 50 hours on mine in a year. Practice makes perfect!

Everything finished out well in the mains at the Wave. Steven Hartson won 4wd and 1/8th E-buggy while Lloyd Dassonville won 2wd and modified truck. I was able to win SCT modified and Zack was able to win a couple Super Stock classes. All on JConcepts tires wheels and bodies. Right on! Can I say right on anymore? Pretty late 90’s!

I was pretty happy with my 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes at the Wave. I can only imagine if I lived and Cali and had access to those tracks on a continued basis. Dialed!

Sitting on the plane right now. Go ahead and drag and drop the sky mall catalog in the list of people who got it figured out. Anyone that can sell a stress relieving helmet, they need to be on the list.

Returning home was kind of a bummer I wanted to stay and run The Short Course Race at West Coast but it was time to go. Next year!

So $25 for my first bag and an additional $50 because it’s over by 13 pounds. $75 now for my first bag….ugh where is the forum for American Airlines?

I get on the plane and they are playing a soft version of Sweet Child of Mine? Matt Mosieur would be rolling over in his grave.

So I’m sitting next to Mr. unhappy and long arm hair on the plane. Sucks to be in the middle with this guy, no room for my arms anywhere, frustrating. He seems to be annoyed with me and the person behind him. Even though my phone is on Airplane mode he keeps looking at me like “turning off the darn device”. He spent about 20 minutes trying to hookup and watch the movie and thanks to his volume adjustment I’m now listening in as well. Thanks Bro!

Back in Florida things are hot and humid and back to normal. Time to get back to work.

Until next time….


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