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Wave Wrap-up Report…

First I have to thank Brent and Associated for the AE tour Saturday night.  I’ve spent a lot of time at the old place but this was my first time at the new place.  Zach and Beaver are getting the full experience.  Felt weird to me because everything seems in the wrong place.  It’s like going to a Home Depot or Walmart out of your hometown.

After a interesting dinner at Red Robin we headed “hotel home” for actual sleep.  We haven’t had a lot of that since we have been in Cali.

I can’t believe the traffic on the 405 freeway at 10:00pm.

Sunday morning in So Cal.  Well the track does not open until 12:00pm on Sundays so that meant extra sleep for us ~yay~  Unfortunately I still wake up at 6:00am and can’t go back to sleep. That meant more updates and photos for the blog.

After having a nice breakfast courtesy of the Woodfin we were ready to hit the beach.  Yes I said beach and not track.  As noted earlier Zach is bumping into many new cool people in Cali and needed a photo session with the big rubber ducky down in Hunnington.  Thumbs up.

Being at the beach makes we want to surf or participate in something near the beach.  I saw a 60 year old man surfing and catching Waves at about 8:00am.  Let’s go ahead and drop surfer’s or beach people into the figured out catagory from the day 1 report.  Drag and Drop please.

I received a text from J Filipow and he was going to be dropping by OCRC for the mains. P1 in the house.  Decals appeared on my bodies shortly after his arrival.

We started practice with a little pre Amain battle.  Frank Root, Tanner Denny, Brent Thielke, Chris Jarosz and myself were going at it.   I traded cars with Root and started thinking I had better control with his.  Time for the speed control change I’ve been putting off since about race 2 of the Super Cup.  Soldering iron and heat shrink is out once again.

I dropped in the new LRP SSX speed control.  Looks cool!  It’s a little smaller and now the sensor wire comes out the back.  Apparently the functions on the speedo are pretty trick also but I haven’t gotten that far yet.

Despite a valiant effort Zach was unable to bump from the 2wd Bmain however he made great strides in that race with his racing lines and laptimes.  Good Run Zach!

Zach made the easy bump in 4wd to the Amain and looking ready to take on the lead group. See you in the A Zach!

First up were the mod truck Amains where Zach had a great start into second but eventually gave way to the quick drivers from Arizona.  Zach hit the podium and finished a strong 3rd.

10 minute 4wd A-final was next and TQ Steven Hartson looked to be on a mission with a quick start.  Brent Thielke jumped into a clear second place until a wire came unplugged and was forced out of the race.   Bad news for Brent but good news for me, Frank Root and Chris Jarosz.  Chris and I had a great battle for about 2-3 minutes.  With P1 brand J-Filipow cheering me on I made the move into second place.   I was far behind Steven but the second place felt good.  Frank Root had and unfortunate crash and marshal job which put him pretty far behind.

My 2wd was ready with new speedo and motor.  Practice laps felt good although I needed to pull a touch more trigger than before over the triple.  My brakes also felt a little low which will need an adjustment for Coral Springs.

I got a poor start and things didn’t feel that good until I got into a rythem and I pulled into 5th.  Racing again with Jarosz I found myself looking for a podium.  Jarosz dropped out and I couldn’t catch 4th after my mistake and settled for 5th.  Not bad?

Steven Hartson checked out again and Frank Root recovered from 4wd to take a well deserved 2nd place.  AE team manager Brent Thielke finished in 3rd.

OCRC promptly closed the doors at 6:00pm and the Wave was complete.  Special thanks to Robert, Nick, Denny O and the entire OCRC crew for making this a special event for all of us.  Looking forward to next year!

Sunday night special –

Dinner at Chilis with the winning family the Hartsons, Zach and Beaver and myself.  I’m pretty sure everyone had steak accept for myself.  Chicken Crispers for me.

Just about the time the Magic were finishing off the Celtics in game 7 in Boston; earthquake!

Yes while we were at Chilis southern Cali had an earthquake and we were right in the middle of it.  5.0 according to the seismograph.

I’m staying another week in Cali so stay tuned for more racing updates.  I could potentially have 3 races this week.

Time for a practice run or more Rock Band with Jarosz can’t decide.

Jason Ruona

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