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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

Uploaded from Allison’s iPhone – Aug 12, 2008

By Allison

So it’s the day before the electric Nats officially gets under way at Babcock’s Hot Rod Hobbies in Saugus, Ca.
Jason and Andrew are on a plane to Cali right now…. me ? I’m at the gym – literally – I can blog while on the elyptical – love the Precor elyptical – and God bless the iPhone too!

so anyways – I’m on the elyptical and am succumbed to watch Big Brother on the tv in front of me.
ouch – who the heck put this show on the air – again? season 10 !
I’m speechless – seriously.

The JConcepts J82 challenge is about to kick off – someone will win the grand prize! with the help of AmEx the grand prize really is a grand prize! sorry I couldn’t be there. Someone has to stay home and eye up the factory.

There’s a lot going on too – with new bodies coming out- new crawler body – the Stage Killah, and a  new MT for the new Platinum Revo ( I love platinum! so shiny) and our new wheels will be complete next week too – look out world! Ha

I’ve had soooo many requests for these wheels – I am so excited to finally release these- the new, Mono Maxups, the 3311 Rulux 1/2 offset for truggies (and fits the RC8T) and brand new to the JConcepts family – Rulux spokes for the T4 and GT2 with quick change on the rear.
I don’t even race and I am so excited! woo hoo

We’ve also got the Worlds coming up in NC in a matter of weeks – about to start the count down….
we have so much to do – but Maifield has been on such a streak lately! did u see his race at the Manufacturers cup, he was running the soon to be released 302 Cross Hairs; and the Pro class at the Warmup #2 – he’s so awesome – luv ya Ryan!

The worlds starts on my other favorite Ryan’s birthday – my brother in law. see inset pic from his previous b-day – coincidentally it was during last years electric worlds while Jason and everyone was in Japan too…. sorry the pic is so dark, it was a bar after all – and i’m sorry the $500 iphone does not come with a flash.

Hello Apple – can we get a flash added in the next iteration ?  img_0054_sm.jpg

ugh – Big brother is still on – would someone change the channel already!?! Guess it’s time for the treadmill just so I can see a diff tv!

But everybody looking for our kick ass wheels – email me … what’s 100 or so more emails per day?

Posted by ShoZu

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