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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

Upgrade Ideas for the Tekno EB48.4

The Tekno EB48 is no doubt a popular Ebuggy and now in its 4th version, the EB48.4 is still enjoying a lot of success in the hands of average Joes to the super pros. There are a few universal JConcepts quality upgrades that conveniently bolt on as well as 2 dedicated bodies for the EB48.4. Here’s a quick list and if you’d like to learn more about the specific product, just click on the picture or URL. It’s that easy.

Perhaps the biggest upgrade you can make to lowering lap times are the tires. Tires are everything and hugely impacts the amount of grip you have to make it easier to go fast. Here are a few of the team’s favorite tire selection that basically covers the range from indoor, hard pack tracks to outdoor super loam.


JConcepts Dirt Webs

Based on arguably the most successful indoor bar style tire ever created, the 1/8th scale Dirt Webs carries the same heritage and winning bar style design to conquer smooth, low dust, high grip tracks. The tread, originally based on the popular Pressure Points tire design connects uniformly positioned Web-Bars to create an amazingly stable tire. During 2014, the design was converted to use on a 1/8th buggy carcass and debuted during the 1/8th E-buggy ROAR Nationals in Houston, Texas. The Dirt Webs, the ultimate Bar-Tire, relies heavily on the Web-treatment for massive forward acceleration and the supporting bar portion rests horizontal and vertical alternating bars which help balance side-bite and backs up the Web-Bars to help minimize wear.


JConcepts Teazers

When the track has a relatively clean line and isn’t too blown out, but you can’t run a bar tire then Teazers are it. The Teazer tire by JConcepts is fresh to the competitive world of 1/8th buggy racing and packs feature never seen before. Packed with over 2000 individual pins, the Teazer uses a multi-height and width pin system to incorporate the dense pin count. The square based, angular lugs alternate in height and width to connect with a track surface by allowing the taller pins to reach deep and contour with the terrain. The shorter pins stiffen the base, add surface area and provide increased longevity for long main events.


JConcepts Detox

Clean out the competition with the Detox by JConcepts.

Fight toxic track conditions with the Detox by JConcepts. Inevitability, track conditions turn brutal on the 1/8th scale racing scene and JConcepts has answered the bell with a dependable mega tread tire. Closely spaced tread creates the ultimate long main event tire and combined with the compounds such as red, blue and green gives racers an option for just about any temperature requirement.


JConcepts Stalkers

Main event racing requires performance, consistency, and longevity by selecting the correct tire. The Stalkers tire by JConcepts was developed for surfaces which mature over time, get rough, dry and with extreme scaling to the surface. The Reflex tire, designed by Jason Ruona, in early 2014 has been a success and the Stalker is a chip off the old block.

The design team checked over the carcass profile, height and width to assure the best balance of weight and drivability. The Stalkers began with an enlarged square pin which has a slight angle on each side. The angle creates some separation at the top which gives some bite in wet conditions providing some versatility to the design.


JConcepts Tekno EB48 Series S1 Body

One of the most recognizable items in the pits and race track has to be the body shell. The Silencer, with proven success in performance and style, has now been designed for perfect fit and finish on the popular, Tekno EB48 Series cars (cut lines may have to be adapted for the different versions). The Silencer has enjoyed life as not only one of the best performing shells but certainly one of the best looking items on the off-road racing scene. The team spent many hours working with leading team drivers to develop a high-speed body specifically for the latest circuits.


JConcepts Tekno EB48 Series Finnisher BodyJConcepts hit the ground in Vaasa, Finland with an all-new body design specifically for the IFMAR World Championships.  Cleverly named, Finnisher, the unique design quickly rose to the top of the field during competition and proved effective on the ground and in the air. Designed with aspects learned from the Punisher line of bodies, the Finnisher provides an even more aggressive look with included details which remain crucial to performance. The Finnisher body for the Tekno is a drop fit for the newly released EB48 buggy.


JConcepts Fin Serrated Lightweight Wheel Nuts

When competitive racing hits the boiling point, everyone reaches for light-weight items.  JConcepts has the answer with the introduction of the Fin styled light-weight 17mm fine thread wheel nut set. These high precision wheel nuts are flanged and knurled for locking security and feature a closed end to protect from dirt and debris build-up in the axle or hub.

Completely CNC machined, the large flange and clamping surface area supports the wheel and helps maintain geometry during flex and load. The larger area also provides more footing for the serrated area which provides a more comfortable lock-down. Cutting weight was accomplished by reducing material sections in unneeded areas, in addition, the nut is sliced removing even more bulk and adding a “Fin” like appearance. The closed-end cap features an etched logo for authenticity and brand awareness.


JConcepts Bullet Wheels

JConcepts has stepped up in size by offering an 83mm 1/8th buggy ‘Bullet’ wheels. With a higher focus on stability and extremely grippy track surfaces, the larger overall diameter stretches the tire sidewall, slightly flattening the tire profile giving more forward traction and tightens up the reaction felt by the driver.    The wheel features durable yet flexible inner ribbing and lightened features which reduce rotating weight. The outer face highlights a slightly concave shape and outer lightening “bullet” holes around the axle area.


JConcepts Hybrid Wingset

Wing development is serious business and JConcepts has responded with a technically advanced alternative for 1/8th racing. The Hybrid wing features a brand new design incorporating a multi-height layout which allows the wing to sit in a lower stance. The side-dams feature a surface which has a recessed section increasing rigidity.

The pre-trimmed polycarbonate wing formed in heavy-duty material has a hard chamfered leading edge to the side-dams giving it that legacy look known from JConcepts. Angular sections blend nicely into the high-performance shape giving a location for that initial step and transition to the wing’s gurney position. At the rear of the wing rests 7 individual ribs which support the wings upper section as it transitions to the gurney.

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