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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

Updates from Asia…

Allison’s POV Day 1

Jason and I flew separately and met up with the rest of AE team at Hong Kong airport. From Hong Kong we take the same flight to Bangkok and then a bus … We assume … Will take us to Pattaya. Jason hopes they have enough room for all of our luggage.

The Hong Kong airport is huge and very nice. Lots of designer stores – like a mall- Tiffany, Gucci, and many more that I won’t bore the men with… However not a lot of American food spots, McDonalds was under construction, one pizza place said coming soon, another pizza pub with free wi-fi was not open. After all it was only 7am.

I ran in to Ryan Maifield at the Starbucks in the airport, I had just paid for my items and Ryan opted not to wait in the growing line. It was “only” 99 HK Dollars, which was great since I only had 100 HK dollars that I had converted. I think with conversion that is a pretty good price too. The line at starbucks was long but I didn’t care, Jason went to the gate to sit with our carry-on items while I got breakfast. My vanilla latte tastes exactly the same as at home so I think Starbucks really is taking over the world. Even at McDonalds in Hong Kong or certain countries the menu changes – but at Starbucks it appears to always be the same. I love consistency.

I knew we were meeting the AE guys at the airport, and from a little web site called Facebook I also knew when Mark Pavidis and a few other guys left CA. Turns out pretty much everyone is on this flight to Bangkok. Pavidis, Pillars, Tebo, Kendall from AMain, Saxton, Hodge, Phend, and so on… Also from facebook I know that Brandon, LiveRC, is already at the track setting up so he arrived slightly ahead of us.

Looking forward also to meeting some people whom I have talked to on the phone or email for so long now.

We’re finally on the plane and in the air – about 3 hrs in the air and then a 2-3 hr bus ride I’ve been told.

The best part is that our goods which I shipped to the track have finally cleared customs, it took much longer than it should have sadly, but it worked out and we’ll be ready.

Jason’s joke of the day – imagine if a flight attendant had OCD – when they announce to close the doors for cross-check and prepare for take-off … How many times would that person check the doors?

Ok time for a little rest, and to checkout what’s on my personal tv at my seat…

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