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the new iphone team

So the new iPhone has been released, along with the new updates. The updates are cool, so I had to wait an extra day to download it, no big deal. Should the fact that I had no phone service for a few hours yesterday bother me ? Or the fact that I didn’t go to lunch yesterday for fear I would be out of touch with the world for too long while my phone was dead to the world?
But alas it came back to life a few hours later and now today, Saturday, I am able to see what a lot of people saw yesterday.
Apparently when everyone who had an iPhone tried to upgrade yesterday.. Or buy a new one it must have been too much for the iTunes servers.
(btw I am typing this on my
“old” iPhone….. I love it!)

My brother works for XtremeMac, see Imation press release…… if you don’t have an XtremeMac Tuff wrap case for your iphone you gotta get one, puts those incase little things and other brands to shame.

I admit it – I have dropped my phone, not that I am a clutz but I am typically trying to do or carry to much at a time… And its been known to fall, but with my Tuffwrap cases I don’t worry about it, totally protected.

As my brother works for XtremeMac, I am blessed with company goodies.
I tell people I am sponsored by them. Free cases when I need them, an arm band for the gym,, cases for my friends’ iPhone or itouch.
Originally he started with special cases for my iPod nano. I have a Chicago Bulls case for my nano -how cool is that.

I have so many requests from drivers who wish to be sponsored, a little insane sometimes. But that means people love our products!
It is naturally a nice feeling to be sponsored or to get “free” stuff, but not everyone can be sponsored. There is only so much one company can handle obviously – unless that company is Nike perhaps? Giving free Jordan sneakers to players for every game prob costs less than free RC tires per race.

Being “sponsored” by my bro I do my best to spread the word about the products. I’ve given out cases, arm bands, pumped up people about the products. I think i’m a good rep – I promote!

Given the nature of the products and type of people that buy these- the iPhone, iPods, these people talk about what they have – there are so many web sites and chat forums devoted to ipod/ Mac ptoducts perhaps it would behoove XtremeMac, now part of Imation, to give out free stuff- heck – pick up a team. If only they had t- shirts. Its not much different from sponsoring a skate or surf team – except there is no competition to take part of ….. Hmm have to create one…..

Even the iPhone itself… When it first came out many people had never seen it before. I could be in line at the post office or other places and I’ve offered to hand over the phone for some stranger to get a closer look at it. Ya know – no one ever took me up on the offer?
Afraid to touch it it seems…

So people have asked me – are you going to get the new one?
You know a big feature they put on the ’08 phone – a black or white backing on the phone…. Ohh la la I – and none of my friends with the great cases never, ever see the back of our phones…. Unless I am changing my case to color coordinate, during the NBA playoffs I was sporting the green to show a little Celtic love.
Thanks to XtremeMac. Hi Travis! And Darren, Denise, and Robert – my new friends I met at my brothers wedding. Hi guys- loved your office ! (I don’t think Robert works there but he was at the wedding so sorry Robert, you got grouped in). Thanks to my brother- in-law, Ryan, the fabulous bartender with mad mix skillz, it was the best wedding I’ve been to since, hmmm, Betty and Todd’s reception (2006) was a great time too…, the one thing in common- I can not count the number of drinks I had at either wedding! LOL
the three “kiddos”

So I am still discovering all the new toys and gizmos available on the iPhone updates and the new App store – I can’t wait to uncover something else new and useful! Like now posting blogs from my phone!
Look out! Random postings here we come!
Now I can post and send pics right from the track! Or from a wedding or a bar or the beach or the airport – who knows!!!

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