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The 2017 Motorama 1/10th and 1/8th RC Race Summary

If you haven’t been to a Motorama extravaganza, you’re missing out on what is known to be the biggest indoor motorsport event in America. This event has it all from Arenacross, Go Kart racing, Quarter Midgets, RC 1/8th and 1/10th electric racing, RC Demolition Derby, RC Scaling, Car show, Speed show, Robot Conflict, and even a Ms. Motorama beauty pageant, all hosted at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex that is over 1 million sq ft. in size. It’s massive!

On the RC side of things, this event was organized and hosted by 2 of the industry’s best RDs… Scotty Ernst and Charlie Suangka. With their expertise, unique style and experience, the show was amazing and both tracks were built with dedication and heart to ensure everyone would have a wonderful time. The tracks were amazing and a pleasure to drive on as the event had over 660 combined entries making it one of the largest races in the nation.

The 1/10th scale track was greatly improved from the previous years with better dirt that was consistent and easy to work with. It had what many would call, the ‘old-school dirt’ feel as it was a loamy, natural sifted dirt track. Cars would slide and drift, but traction was there as long as you were on the line.

The layout was open and had a few tricky sections that needed perfect execution and timing, otherwise you’d be out to lunch roasting cookies in the fluff.  Most of the team drivers elected to go with green Dirt Webs or Double Dees… or a combination of both. Towards the final qualifier and mains, some would dare to test out green Bar Codes with much success as the racing line started to become more prominent.

The 1/8th scale track was a driver’s masterpiece, which had its trademarked, banked sweeper that launched you into a massive jump right in front of the driver’s stand. Everything about the track was seriously fun and challenging making it a hit amongst all the drivers. The track crew did a fantastic job all weekend to make sure the track held together, had moisture, and fun to race on.

Congratulations to TLR/JConcepts’ Spencer Heckert on an excellent weekend as Spencer was able to podium in all 3 Expert classes on his first trip to Motorama. Definitely the standout star of the weekend for the JConcepts team and one to watch in the near future!



It’s wonderful to see a big class of Novice drivers and Motorama had a talented pool of 13 new drivers battling it out for the win. Class TQ, Brock Siple, would go on to take the overall win with Casey Powers in 2nd and Matthew Smith rounding out the top 3.

17.5 Stock Buggy class saw a lot of close racing up and down the entire grid, but ultimately Jonathan Noon would take the overall over JConcepts’ Reid McMichael (TQ). The two would have a classic battle in the mains with McMichaels winning A1, but Noon would take the overall by winning A2 and A3. Justin Johnson would finish 3rd on the podium.

17.5 Short Course

It was definitely Jim Hustins’ weekend in 17.5 Stock Short Course as Hustins would take the TQ through 3 rounds of qualifying and go on to win the triple A-mains with authoritative style. Stuart Lewis and JConcepts Ethan Saunders would both end the weekend with 4 points, but Saunders would have to settle for 3rd on the podium with a great effort on winning A2.

Modified Truck

The new TLR 22T 3.0 is definitely proving to be a fast truck in the hands of TLR/JConcepts’ JP Richards, who won modified truck the week prior at the Winter INS at Smac Trac. Continuing that momentum, Richards would go on to TQ and win the class overall ahead of AE’s Gunnar Rieck. FDJ’s Frank Deiny would put in a solid effort and finish 3rd on the podium.

Modified Short Course

Also having a similar weekend to his JConcepts teammate, AE/JConcepts’ Alex Kosciuszek also was a winner at the Winter INS a weekend prior to Motorama, but it was in modified short course for the wizard. Alex would go on to TQ the class and wrap up the overall in 2 mains to take home the win for JConcepts. TLR’s Aaron Kothman would finish 2nd and Xfactory/JConcepts’ Paul Sinclair would round out the podium.

4wd Modified

Modified 4wd saw some great racing over the weekend as AE’s team manager, Brent Thielke would set the pace in qualifying taking the overall TQ, but it was AE/JConcepts Chad Due making it happen in the triple A-mains. Due, who qualified 3rd, would find an extra gear on Sunday to win A1 and A2 and wrap up the overall. AE/JConcepts’ Alex Kosciuszek would once again find himself on the podium in 2nd with great finishes with a 3rd and a 1st in A3. TLR’s Aaron Kothman would finish out the podium with awesome pace all weekend to and finish in the top 3.

2wd Modified

TLR/JConcepts’ JP Richards was once again on fire and was able to TQ 2wd modified going into the triple A-mains. Richards was one of the first drivers to try out the green Barcodes and instantly saw an increase in pace. With minor tweaks, Richards would go on to win A1 and A2 and wrap up the overall taking his first major race win in 2017. TLR’s Aaron Kothman would finish 2nd behind his TLR teammate with two 2nd place finishes in A1 and A2 to seal up 2nd. AE/JConcepts’ Alex Kosciuszek would finish out the top 3 with a win in A3 to move him to the final spot on the podium.

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