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Super Cup Championship Series – Race 2

The Super Cup crew headed South for Race 2 of the 2016 season. Coral Springs RC Track was the host and with the weather cooperating we were ready to be outdoors again. Race 2 had 234 entries, another great turnout. Even with Friday’s practice only going to 5pm, we had a very large turnout of racers getting ready for Saturday’s event.

On Saturday morning, registration went pretty smoothly and we were set to get things kicked off right at 9:30am. A slightly damp but packed track greeted the morning qualifiers but with the sun shining throughout the day the track started drying and grooving up quickly.

With qualifying out of the way we were set to start our Main events. The first A Main was once again the Novice class. Our Novice class has certainly grown this season. The B Main had Shawn Schmidt and Don Large bumping their way to the A Main. In the main event we had Exavias Sisco sitting in the TQ spot. After a messy start and several position changes it would be Bobby Iafrate taking the win followed by Shilo Hendrickson in 2nd and Don Large who had bumped from the B Main taking 3rd.

Next up would be 2wd Expert Stock Buggy. In the C Main it would be Mitchell Schaeffer and Dave Kennedy bumping up. The B Main had Robert Molina taking the win followed by Jordan Newman both bumping their way to the A Main. Bart Collins would sit in the TQ spot but it would be AJ Marasco taking the win followed by Bart Collins in 2nd and Julien Oliveras in 3rd.

The Independent 2wd Buggy class was again very popular. Race 2’s handout tire would be the JConcepts Spillters in super soft black compound for the rear and blue compound Bar Codes in the front. In the D Main, Gregory Prine would take the win followed by Ethan Kepple. Moving on to the C Main, it would be Tom Allen and Scott Large bumping their way to the B Main. Another exciting race, the B Main had Jeff Lynn taking the win and Shad Galante a very close 2nd. John Prickett would be the Top Qualifier again. John would check out and finish almost 10 seconds ahead of Kyle Watts. Jeff Lynn would work his way up to 3rd.

For the 2wd Mod Buggy class it would be local driver Janos Lazar taking the win in the B Main and bumping up along with Ricardo Jordao. Dave Duncan had a very good race going until he and Ricardo got tangled up which allowed Ricardo the Bump to the A. For the main event, it would be TLR/JConcepts driver JR Mitch in the TQ spot. Another exciting race had JR checked out finishing almost 20 seconds ahead of Jason Ruona and AE/JConcepts driver Daimon Borkowicz would finish a very close 3rd.

The established 40+ Mod Buggy class had veteran driver Danny Wight taking the win in the B Main with Aaron Parks a close 2nd. Bart Collins would be sitting in the TQ spot for the A Main. Bart ran a very clean race and finished close to 20 seconds over Walter Cruz to take the win. Aaron Sikes would finish 3rd.

Stock Truck had new comer AJ Reynolds bumping his way from the C to the B Main along with Zach Steele. For the B Main, Dave Kennedy would take the win and Jeff Lynn in 2nd. Robert Molina was sitting in the Top Qualifier spot for the main event. Robert ran a clean race and would finish the A with a win followed by Jordan Singletary in 2nd and AJ Marasco in 3rd.

Mod Stadium Truck saw Jader Lopez take the TQ spot and sail to an easy win in the A Main. Sebatian Hazbun would finish 2nd followed by his Dad, Richard Hazbun in 3rd.

2wd Stock Short Course was up next with Robert Molina taking TQ and an easy overall win. Kevin Abbott finished 2nd and Jeff Lynn would finish 3rd.

Another great turnout with 234 entries.

Posted by Super Cup Championship Series on Saturday, February 13, 2016

A popular local class, 4wd Short Course is always fun to watch on these large outdoor tracks. Jessica Iler and Jordan Singletary would bump their way to the A Main event. Janos Lazar would take the TQ but Lanos couldn’t stay out front during all the carnage that is 4wd Short Course. Julie Oliveras would take the overall win followed by Jordan Singletary in 2nd and Kyle Dempsey in 3rd.

4wd 13,5 Buggy was another popular class this weekend. Tim Watts and Rick Jacobs would bump from the C to the B. Dan Borkowicz would take the win in the B Main filled by Kevin Welfey. TQ driver Danny Chavez would end up 3rd overall in the A Main. Lee Setser would take the win followed by Kyle Dempsey.

The premiere class of the day, 4wd Mod Buggy was exciting as ever on the large outdoor track. Even though we had kept a decent pace throughout the day we couldn’t beat the sunset and the last few races were run in the dark. The lighting has improved at Coral Springs over the years but there were still a few dark spots to contend with. Janos Lazar and James Large would take the bump spots to the A Main. Daimon Borkowicz would take the TQ spot and an exciting race had Daimon taking the win by a large lead followed by JR Mitch in 2nd and Sebation Hazbun in 3rd.

Another great day of racing is in the books. Thanks to the hard work of the Coral Springs crew and a big thanks to all the racers for their continued support of the series. Race 3 heads back North with a new track to the series. We will once again be outside at Newberry RC for another great weekend of racing. Register now on and if you can’t make it be sure to follow all the action on

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