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Summer Indoor Nationals – Travel Day

I’m off with Zack Genova to the Summer Indoor Nationals at Outback Raceway in Chico, CA. Paul and I just returned from a successful trip to Alabama so I’m hoping to keep the good Chee going. We had a delay in Orlando so I’m not sure how that is going to affect our connection in Phoenix but hopefully the pilot is punching it.

Zack just finished watching the Hang Over part 1 on the iPad and now he’s playing a dirt bike game. Sitting next to Zack are the 2 biggest love birds ever who just seem to have to touch each other every 2 seconds and from across the aisle-way. It’s more frequent than I’m touching my iPhone which is scary.

Anyways with any luck we will make our connection and be able to get over to our Hotel tonight. Practice tomorrow and I don’t know how many classes I’m going to attempt.

Lovebird update, seat belt sign is on. They can’t touch anymore! Ha!

Moving on I see a good weekend coming on and with the dry track conditions this time the gold Bar Codes might be missing a little more tread than normal. We are meeting up with Tanner Denney and Josh Numan at the airport in Sacramento and then we are heading over to the hotel.

I haven’t raced electric since the last Super Cup race in May so hopefully I can knock some dust off and make my way around the track.

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