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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

Still in Dallas…

Currently running 5 hours behind schedule according to my hour glass. 

Excuse my grammer and brevity as TD says, I’m reporting from my mobile.

Mass confusion at gate A-29 in Dallas.  Instrument panel replacement turned into a de-planeing of the aircraft.  

We need one or all of the following:

1. Mr fix it. (someones dad)
2.  Magic wand (currently in use by the Boston Celtics)
3. Easy button (currently in use by rudy at a correctional facility)
4. Macgyver (currently on easy street)  

I’m hoping the drama just adds to the buildup of the event.

Pre-entries are continuing to come in. Barry Baker has called me and will be running the event.  Fab 1 will be ready. I wonder if a 23.7 lap time is good at OCRC?

Clearchannel is nice enough to provide a phone and Internet station at the airport for charging and surfing.   Who would have known flipping monster trucks on TV would eventually get my phone charged.  Thumbs up to Digger!

Everyone here is charging an iPhone. There must be an internet forum where the experts are complaining about this somewhere.   I wonder if Steve Jobs has a user name and sets these guys straight on a nightly basis? Maybe TD can dig this up?

The iPhone is a battery hog.  To put this in R/C terms it is much like a RC10L in the 90’s with a 10 double; the first 3 minutes come fast but for the rest you better have a re-charge.

CNN news in the airport is making me think I’m in one of those end of the world movies.  Am I?  Where is Bruce Willis?  Can I say Yippy ki yay this time around?  Please don’t include the apple boy or the PC nerd.  I’m feeling a mixture of Diehard 1 and 2 here.  

I’m coming to the realization that a few really have things figured out.  This list is not complete and I will be adding some as the weekend goes. 

CNN, UPS, Ebay, Paypal, clear channel, Traxxas, energy drinks and college sports….more to come.

Jason Ruona


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