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Spring Super Cup rd 4 – Coral Springs Recap

Round 4 of the JConcepts Spring Super Cup Championship Series was held at Coral Springs R/C Track on April 1st, 2017. This was the last installment of the 4 race Spring Series, which meant make it or break it for some in the overall points chase. With over 200 entries, the finale race was ultra competitive and still had the excitement and buzz from round 1.

The track layout was fantastic. There was a lot of elevation in all the right spots that gave the track a lot of character. The jumps were fun, challenging and well thought out as there were a few jump lines to chose from. The most difficult jump on the track was a double-double for some, triple-single for others, and huge quad for a select few. It really forced racers to focus on their jump timing as the perfect backside greatly rewarded drivers with multiple tenths. The middle rhythm section of the track looked easy, but to maximize speed one must master the art of scrubbing without over jumping the undersized jumps. The off-camber turn tested the ability to position the car without rolling the car over at the apex. While the elevated 90 degree turns also tested racer’s ability to control speed or suffer the consequence of a fatal crash coming on the super high-speed straightaway.

Thanks to the crew at Coral Springs R/C Tracks for the hard work and awesome facility. The track was well maintained and an absolute joy to race on. With the combination of a dialed facility, great weather, and outdoor racing among friends, the weekend was a blast and a perfect way to finish off the Spring Super Cup Series.

For those who would like to watch the race videos, please go here as Rich was able to record all the A-Main events for your viewing pleasure! Click on the race and scroll half way down and hit play.



Independent 17.5 Stock Buggy

It was Ryan Harris leading the way from the sound of the tone. Just as he was checking out, Harris would make a mistake going triple-single and give up the lead to Jake Shugarman. The two drivers would go back and forth for 5 minutes making it an exciting race from start to finish. Holding his composure, Shugarman would cross the line to take the win with Tommy Allen sneaking in last minute to finish 2nd and Harris 3rd on the podium.

Independent 17.5 Stadium Truck

Independent 17.5 Stock Short Course

Expert 17.5 2wd Buggy

It’s always an exciting show in the Expert 17.5 2wd Buggy class as the field is very evenly matched. Early in the race, it was JConcepts’ Jader Lopez and teammate AJ Marasco breaking away from the field. Pushing hard to catch Lopez, Marasco would start to click off some of his fastest laps and close the gap to Lopez. With the pressure high, Lopez would touch the pipe causing Marasco to pile into him. Marasco would take the lead, but wait for Lopez to get going to continue their fight. Another mistake by Lopez would move up JConcepts’ Patrick Rossiter into 2nd. Lopez would try and fend off a hard charging JConcepts’ Lee Setser, but would cut it too close getting on the straightaway on the last lap that would give Setser 3rd. Marasco would take the win with Rossiter 2nd and Lee Setser the final step on the podium.

13.5 4wd

Open Short Course

4×4 Short Course

Modified Stadium Truck

Xray’s Leon McIntosh was on point in the Modified Truck class having set the fastest qualifying time to earn the top qualifier spot. In the A-main, McIntosh would take a convincing win with JConcepts’ Jordan Singletary finishing 2nd and Xray’s Landen Lewis in 3rd. Unfortunately for Lewis, he would suffer a mechanical late in the race while jumping the back quad hitting a back marker in mid-air. However, he was still able to nurse it home for 3rd to pick up crucial points for the overall.

40+ Modified

JConcepts’ Erik Evertt was in the zone all weekend. Driving smooth, fast, and consistent, Evertt was able to TQ along with the win with solid driving in the 40+ Modified class.

2wd Modified

Rising to the challenge in a very competitive 2wd modified class, JConcepts’ very own Jason Ruona would lay down the best run of the day when it mattered most. Having started 2nd on the grid, Ruona had his eyes on the prize and once the class TQ, Landen Lewis, made his early mistake, the race was over. Ruona would take the lead and checked himself out from the field. With a flawless race performance, Ruona would take the win leaving AE/JConcepts’ Daimon Borkowicz and Paul Wynn battling for 2nd. While defending 2nd place, Wynn’s car would get caught by the wind on the backside quad giving Borkowicz the position. Wynn would recover to finish on the podium in 3rd.

4wd Modified

AE/JConcepts’ Daimon Borkowicz would really start to find his groove late on Saturday. Having only shown up Saturday morning for racing, the talented Borkowicz was able to get on pace when it mattered most. Qualifying 5th, Borkowicz made an excellent start and moved quickly into 2nd behind race leader, Xray’s Leon McIntosh. About half way through the race, McIntosh would get caught on the pipe that allowed Borkowicz to cruise by and take over the lead. Xray’s Landen Lewis would also find his way around McIntosh after the triple. The race order would remain the same at the end of 5 minutes with Borkowicz taking the win, Lewis in 2nd and McIntosh 3rd.


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