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So What HAS the BJ4 Been up to Lately?

by Tim Davis
JConcepts Staff Writer

With the release of the B44 now a full six months ago, I’m sure that many of you are wondering what has become of the BJ4. I’ve heard all the questions – “Will JConcepts continue to support the BJ? Who will race the BJ? What events will we see the BJ in action at?”

These are great questions, and I know that the entire JC staff has done an excellent job of keeping everyone up to date about the comings and goings of the BJ. Everyone knows that JC still stocks new BJ kits, parts, all upgrades, accessories, bodies, etc.

That is not what this post is about.

This post is more intimate – it is more personal. You see, the BJ had a very tough childhood. Jason and Brad crafted and shaped the personality of the BJ with their own hands. They spent countless hours teaching BJ how to be a champion. There were times when certain people said the “concoction” would never work. But they just kept telling BJ that it would be fine, and he would be a champion.

Now three years after BJ’s IFMAR world championship – with a little help from Mr. Cavalieri, the original BJ is enjoying a comfortable retirement life. The thousands of other BJ’s are still out there conquering racetracks worldwide – but the first one – J-Ro’s personal ride – has become a celebrity.

BJ is traveling the world, seeing all the sites that he has missed by flying from race to race – he is taking the scenic route – running down the highways of the nation – sporting those sexy new Rulux wheels – and his personal favorite tire – the Double Dees – and meeting new and interesting people along the way.

I joined BJ for his European vacation in January – after J-Ro raced him at the JConcepts Clash, he needed a break. We had a great time – this shot is of he and I enjoying a refreshment at a small bar in Brussells. Nice people.

BJ and I enjoying a few Pints in Amsterdam

However, it is not all about relaxation – BJ still does some racing while he travels – another TQ and win for the BJ – tough race, but we pulled it out – We edged out Masami, Pavidas, Spashett, and Drescher for the prestigious Guest Service Cup. We would like to thank everyone at Dimension Development for making this race possible. Some people said hosting a race in Northern Russia would never work – it was a hit – we’ll be back next year – and Vladamir – you are buying the first round!


I also traveled to Texas with BJ in March – we went out to see the Rockets defeat the LA Lakers for their 19th consecutive win – part of the incredible 22 game win streak. I don’t have any pics from the game – BJ and his current girlfriend were photographed so much, I felt bad for them. I didn’t want to be just another paparzzi guy taking pictures. However here is a real Kodak moment – “Welcome to Texas” The distracted look on BJ’s face is a funny story – we thought that Frank Root passed us on the freeway – turned out it was just Brian Kinwald. Oh well.

dsc_0257_crop_800px.jpg dsc_0261_800px.jpg

After the Houston adventure – we rented a car – I know, I know – you must be thinking – why would BJ rent a car? Well, the Double Dee’s are a great tire – but the roads in the Southwestern US are pretty rough. BJ and I drove out to Arizona to enjoy the Cactus classic – since BJ’s girlfriend had to go on location for a movie she is filming, we went out about 2 weeks early to hang out with Ryan Maifield and Lee Martin. Lee is from Newbury England and was out in AZ to prepare for the Cactus and the Silver State race. We had a great time – Lee can pick up the ladies pretty well, but of course noting like BJ himself.

Here BJ is running game on the cute girl at the rental car counter – I hope Louise doesn’t mind me posting this picture………


Finally, I figured I would post a picture of the cutest couple in Hollywood. I hate to do it, but they are just so happy together. I think BJ may have found that missing thing in his life – he has longed for blue groove, Lipo packs and big brushless motors for years – but now he has found that softer thing that every man must eventually have. I snapped this pics at a little coffee shop in Malibu down by the beach – Louise Griffiths -Louise has been linked to F1 Driver Jensen Button, Bruce Willis, Ryan Maifield, among others – but I think she has finally found something in BJ – I love you guys! I can’t wait to see you both again in LA this June!


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