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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

Shootout at Hobby Haven – Practice Begins –

GoosebumpsWe are all setup and ready to practice courtesy of the guys at the track we have the best pit spot available.  Thanks!

Track was a little damp and I went out with my used Double Dees and it felt pretty good.  I wanted to try different fronts but I decided to wait until later.  I was also getting the Goose Bumps ready because the track is kind of rocky and bumpy and I think they are the ticket.  As expected the tough looking jumps were tough.  They have a really cool back section of the track where a double leads into a switch back and then into a 180 around a tree heading onto the straight. When you nail this section it’s dialed!

Zach went out with the 4wd and it looked good but needed some speed control adjustments and a little more track time.

I got my Goose Bumps ready for my second practice and wow they felt really good.  The track changes every race so I’m not sure what to run until I get a little more experienced.  When the track is wet it’s a whole different animal.  You can drive so much harder, I bet the lap times are 2 or 3 seconds faster per lap with water.  I hope I get water.

Zach got the truck out and he was pumped.  The truck was dialed right away.  He was almost ready to put it on the trailer for tomorrow.  His 4wd buggy was a lot better the 2nd find out.  We turned his brakes down and changed some tires and it was magical.

I didn’t bring any back-up wings so I went in the hobby shop and got bought 2 6″ JC wings.  The packaging still looked good and now they need to re-order.

All driver during registration and check-in receive an Off-Road shootout t-shirt and towel as well as a JC events T-shirt.   The drivers are cleaning up!

We packed it in at about 4 or 4:30 and went back to the hotel to wrench. I worked on my 2wd and Zach worked on his truck and 4wd.  We did about 3 1/2 hours of wrenching and then it was time for dinner. 100% committed.

Let’s go to Outback tonight!  No Rob Michael sightings to report.  Zach had to send his steak back 2 times to get it cooked right.  No biggie, they got it right and we headed back to the room.

Did I mention there is a dog show in town?  Our hotel has a bunch of dogs in it.  Look for some dog photos tomorrow. This one dog is so big it looks like a horse. Seriously!

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