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Ryan Maifield Race Report Cliche' Contest Winner –

We have a winner!

Jason posted a contest in one of the earlier race reports from the Wave coverage last week – he had a list of sports cliches –  HERE is the original post

Let’s start a list of great sports cliché’s

110% effort ;One game at a time;No I in team; Everyone is on the same page; You take what the defense gives you; Shock the world; He’s got to step up now; He’s got a great work ethic; They know how to win; They have to come together as a team; They have got great team chemistry; You can’t say enough about him; They’re finally getting the respect they deserve; Tremendous upside; They just wanted it more; Backs against the wall; Sending a message; A must-win ballgame; No one gave us a chance / no respect;

The first person to send us an email about Ryan Maifield using all these Cliché’s will get a free pair of tires. J Everyone is going to have to step-up.

So within twenty minutes, we had an entry from Matt Mosieur, and he requested a set of Goosebumps for his Slash
– Here is the race report in its entirety:

“Ryan Maifield is going to have to step it up to improve on his performance at the off-road worlds in Thailand next year. At the worlds in NC last year Ryan M and the JConcepts crew really came together as a team; they showed their great team chemistry by shocking the world and sitting on the poll. After setting his JConcepts RC8 on the poll Team Owner J Ruona was asked what sets Maifield apart from most, Jason stated “its really his 110% effort, this kid has tremendous work ethic. The way he attacks the track with the no fear attitude is a tremendous upside. You really cant say enough about him and hes finally getting the respect he deserves.
Ryan Maifield and this Jconcepts team really know how to win, they have been sending a message all season with wins at the Nitro Challenge and the Cactus Classic. When asked about the upcoming worlds and the thoughts on his chances Maifield had this to say ” Last year no one gave us a chance, and what did we do? We sat on the poll at the Worlds. In the end they just wanted it more. Even though I really try to take it one race at a time, our backs are against the wall on this one as I am getting older and my chances for winning a title are narrowing. This is really a must win race for me”. Further when asked about how he felt about his Jconcepts team Ryan stated ” There is no I in team and this year everyone is on the same page. The equipment is in top shape, the tires wheels, and body are at a peak ….. but in the end, You just have to take what the defense gives you.”

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