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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

Ruona and Mote Depart for the JConcepts Labor Day Shootout

photoJason Ruona and Zach Mote left this morning from Orlando Int’l – headed to Iowa fro the JC Shootout – this is update number 1 – live from the road.  TD

Sitting at the airport with Zach Mote we are about to take off to Iowa for the Labor Day Shootout.  We shipped most of our RC stuff ahead of time so we have minimal luggage.  ~yay~

We have a guy sitting next to us talking so loud on his cell phone it’s getting a little painful.  Apparently he drove the Z to the airport but should have taken the Honda. I agree!

We are flying to Atlanta first and I’m hoping we arrive somewhere near the Chilis or Hooligans because we will be ready to eat I’m sure.  Ha

I’m hoping I can cover a few updates during flight but we will have to be equiped with free Internet service.  Would they really charge me $20 for a small bag and then give me internet? Doubt it!

I just heard a dog bark!  We might have that taco bell dog on our flight.

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