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Ready to Rage? its time

sorry – somewhere in no-mans-land-Florida on a wireless card in the backseat of the Diesel – my laptop has decided to not format the text to make it easy reading for you – I apologize ahead of time.

Trailer packed – check
Crew packed – checked
JC spare parts packed – checked 

On the road again… on the road again! As with most races it seems, we head out on Wed for the race weekend – so here we are. In the car about – sad to say – 3 hrs – and we are still in FL – picked up Fred – talked to some of Tim’s old buddies, taking the back roads, you name it …… so its 5:00 (but hey isn’t it always 5:00 some where? ) So it’s 5:00 in the F350 heading to Charlotte – I havent decided about the whole twitter thing – so follow us here -I’ll update it through out the weekend – pics to come – lots of good action I’m sure. Or if you are a friend on facebook follow me there.  If I decide to twitter I’ll let you know….. should I ? IDK
Indoor racing at the infamous Carolinas RC – we were just here for the Worlds – seems recent but it was really about 7 mo ago? Pole Position – I dont think I could breathe for that 60 min main. So nervous. (glow plugs ugh) But I digress.

New Bar Codes, gold compound ready to rumble. New Slash tires – the Goose Bumps for Slash/ Slayer/ SC10 have been rocking.  New SC10 body will be ready next week. New RC8e body also released last week with the brand new Punisher – the Illuzion body for the Losi 8ight -T 2.0 – what a body.

We’ve got it all.

The Rage at Carolinas RC – in case you were living under a rock lately LOL – or -is the 18th and 19th and JConcepts electric only -indoor race at Carolinas RC. From 2wd, 4wd, truck to slash, Sc10 and the new up and coming fast growing electric 1/8th classes. So stay tuned for pics and more details!    

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